High Capacity Line of portable memory tokens

Datakey Electronics offers a line of portable memory tokens.

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Datakey Electronics’ new High Capacity Line of portable memory tokens combines the high capacity and high throughput of consumer memory products (like USB flash drives/thumb drives and SD cards) with Datakey Electronics’ rugged packaging, reliable operation, and high cycle-life/harsh environment receptacles. The DFX Series delivers a high-performance secure digital (SD) interface (including SPI); and the UFX Series delivers a USB 2.0 high-speed interface.

  • Features allow embedded system designers to incorporate high capacity memory devices  without the shortcomings of consumer-focused solutions
  • Both models come standard with 4GBytes of non-volatile memory
  • Integration is straightforward; typically accomplished by adding one of Datakey's industrial-rated mating receptacles
  • Mating receptacles have a high cycle-life rating of 50,000 cycles
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