The elobau "eloFlex" control unit is designed for parameter selection for logic control of sensor input and output.

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The “eloFlex” system from elobau has been designed for flexibility of parameter selection for logic control of sensor inputs and relay outputs.

  • Type of sensor can be freely chosen for each of the four inputs on the control unit
  • User can choose between normally-open/normally-open sensors and emergency-stop types, as well as the normally-open/normally-closed input type
  • Operation as two-hand safety control can be selected for two-sensor inputs
  • Monitoring of 24v PNP outputs is possible

The control unit has four outputs where one or more of the four input sensors can be assigned via a freely selectable logic gate (AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR and XNOR). A delay time of between 0 and 99.9 sec. can be set in 100 msec. steps for each safety output.  

  • There is an output for error messages available that can be linked to an SPLC (as an example)
  • Separate inputs are available for monitoring external gates

Elobau provides the programming and validation of the required configuration and then tests the functionality of the safety evaluation unit using a special test program. This saves valuable configuration and test programming time/cost for the end user. In addition, each unit is very clearly identified by a unique part number that identifies the specific programming contained.

  • A choice of SIL 2 and SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Levels in accordance with EN 62061) for all types
  • UL/ETL approval is available
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