Diesel Hydraulic Control

Bosch Rexroth combines diesel engine and hydraulics control to create Diesel Hydraulic Control.

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TIER 4 emissions regulations for mobile work equipment are due to take effect starting in 2014. To meet these regulations Bosch Rexroth developed an electronic control system, “Diesel Hydraulic Control” (DHC), which retains the accustomed lively response of the travel drive and implement hydraulics even under conditions of diminished load response and lower engine speeds.

  • Continuously determines demands of the travel drive and implements hydraulics calculate the optimal operating points 
  • Lets the diesel engine know of expected load requirements by using controllers and a common special map
  • Joystick for the implement hydraulics transmits pending work requirements directly to the DHC, which in turn passes this requirement to the diesel ECU
  • Allows the engine time to prepare for imminent mechanical load
  • Reduces fuel consumption up to 20% by providing only as much power as the machine actually needs at any given moment 
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