iSCALE Control System

Hirschmann introduces its iSCALE Control System which controls and monitors machine functions as well as load moment indication.

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The iSCALE Control System was designed to control and monitor machine function, while offering the option of load moment indication (LMI).

  • Gives flexibility to tailor input and output components as needed, rather than engineering custom solutions
  • Components can be mixed and matched, depending on application, enabling installation on virtually any machine
  • Consists of CPUs ranging from low-end to high-end controls that are available in different IP classes
  • For use in temperature ranges of -30 to 70 C (-22 to 158 F)
  • cSCALE controls combine 32-bit microproces­sor technology with integrated system for safety-related applications in compact housing designed for harsh environments 
  • vSCALE consoles are available as stand-alone or con­sole with integrated PLC Control
  • Consoles feature variety of display sizes and resolutions, with optional touch screen, function keys and rotary encoder
  • qSCALE offers range of LMI solutions for various mobile crane applications including latest industry requirements, higher accuracy and reduced calibration time
  • qSCALE LMI products can be used for any OEM and Retrofit mobile crane, regardless of size
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