Appareo Gateway 360 Telematically-Enabled Electronic Control Unit

The new Gateway 360 ECU features Iridium satellite connectivity as well as LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 433 MHz, CAN, BroadR-Reach, Ethernet, and GPS.

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Appareo announces the release of its Gateway 360 telematically-enabled electronic control unit (ECU).

  • Rugged yet lightweight edge computing platform for mobile equipment applications
  • Provides wide range of communication technologies including Iridium SBD, Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 433 MHz radios with, GPS, BroadR-Reach, Ethernet, and controller area networking (CAN)
  • Built with IP67-rated rugged enclosure for use outdoors and for mounting on heavy machinery 
  • Couples truly global wide area connectivity capabilities through both an Iridium satellite connection, LTE connectivity with local area Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 433 MHz radios in powerful computational platform
  • Capable of receiving and processing data from wide range of vehicle networks and buses
  • Cellular capabilities are certified in dozens of countries; however, cellular coverage is limited in some geographies
  • Use of Iridium SBD transceiver allows for truly global machine coverage by enabling critical machine data to be retrieved wherever the equipment may be
  • Offers wide spectrum of capabilities that go beyond traditional telematic data usage for preventive maintenance and remote support
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