APSCO Releases Interactive Dump Truck Controls, Electric Over Air Actuator & Integrated Reservoir Systems

The company expands its footprint across multiple applications with the announcement of four new product lines — the APEX, ARIS, ATAS and EDM Series.

APEX display
APEX display

APSCO LLC, manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic products for the mobile equipment and transportation industries, has announced the release of four new product lines, its APEX, ARIS, ATAS and EDM Series.

The new product launch is led by the innovative APEX system, a display and control system for dump trucks featuring an intuitive interface with an enhanced user experience, offering over 20 safety features aimed at alerting operators and preventing some of the most common and disastrous mistakes made many times by inattentive and inexperienced drivers.

The ARIS-250 (APSCO Reservoir Integrated System) is APSCO’s new offering for the world of integrated reservoir systems, addressing the increasing demand in the medium-duty truck markets for a cost-effective, electric over hydraulic option, with the important advantage of filtration of contaminants, which ultimately lowers the cost of maintenance and extends the life of the hydraulic system.

APSCO’s DM (Direct Mount) air actuators for directional control valves are already an industry standard, and the new EDM Series is adding to this legacy with a solution for electric over air control. The newly launched EDM Series provides a more practical control solution compatible with APSCO’s APG directional control valves. It is an alternative to complex proportional control while providing a clean and integrated solution.

The ATAS-210 is the company’s new hydraulic manifold and control system for trailing axles. The hydraulic system, coupled with a trailing axle, redistributes the payload in order to accommodate bridge laws across the country. Designed and supported by APSCO’s certified fluid power specialists, the ATAS-210 offers a robust, readily available and reliable alternative to other trailing axle systems and a higher payload. The system with the trailing axle provides upside potential for the future of the dump industry by increasing truckloads, cutting down on the amount of drivers and loads, saving in fuel costs and overhead.

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