John Deere collaborating with DuPont Pioneer to develop precision farming program for increased crop yields

Field360 will be a new precision farming program from John Deere and DuPont Pioneer that analyzes soil and weather patterns to help farmers maximize crop yields.

John Deere is partnering with DuPont Pioneer to develop a precision farming program designed to help farmers maximize crop production.

Anticipated to be released in 2014, Field360 uses wireless technology to quickly analyze soil as well as provide users with information on pest control and weather patterns. According to the companies, Field360 will help farmers buy the proper fertilizer and position crops in a manner which will increase harvests.

Equipment on John Deere machinery will collection information about crop yields, moisture and location, then be sent to severs operated by John Deere where it will be examined by a DuPont Pioneer analyst who will send a report to the farmer.

This collaboration coincides with John Deere's recent announcement that it will begin making its MyJohnDeere platform open to software developers creating applications and services which enhance the data management capabilities of MyJohnDeere for farmers.

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