LOFA Industries invests in RemoteIQ LLC to increase web-enabled telemetry capabilities

LOFA Industries is furthering its ability to provide wireless, web-enabled telemetry solutions by investing in RemoteIQ LLC.

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LOFA Industries Inc. of Roswell, GA announces that it has made an investment in RemoteIQ LLC (RIQ) as part of its ongoing strategy to provide wireless, web-enabled remote monitoring solutions to its customer base in both the on- and off-highway market segments.

Charles Christie, an entrepreneurial technology professional with over 15 years of successful business development and executive management experience in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, location based services, and software as a service (SaaS) enterprises will be President of RemoteIQ. Charles was previously co-founder and VP, Business Development of CriticalWireless and most recently led the business development and M2M strategy efforts at Manning Navcomp, where he was responsible for securing large strategic accounts. 

Stephen Rary, LOFA’s CEO, comments that “the investment in RemoteIQ is an integral component of LOFA’s long-term focus to develop turnkey telemetry solutions that drive real value for our OEM and rental customers. This focus will also allow RemoteIQ to develop markets in the on-highway, oil and gas, and other diversified industrial segments.” 

“It’s no secret that M2M technology promises massive value to many enterprises,” says Christie. 

“But with all of the components that typically make up a complete M2M solution, from sensors and instrumentation, to wireless data service and backend software platforms, the potential value is often overshadowed by the project’s cost and complexity. By partnering with LOFA, RemoteIQ will be capable of delivering the entire solution, quickly and cost effectively.”