Thomas Built Buses partnering with Zonar Systems to incorporate telematics features

Thomas Built Buses will be partnering with Zonar Systems to provide factory-installed telematics features on Thomas' Saf-T-Liner C2 models.

Thomas Built Buses has announced it will partner with Seattle, WA-based Zonar Systems to provide factory-installed telematics features for Thomas Built Buses’ highly-regarded Saf-T-Liner C2 models as standard equipment.

“This innovative electronic management solution will deliver valuable computerized information on maintenance issues and key engine events that could transform the school bus industry,” says Ken Hedgecock, Thomas Built Buses’ Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Service.

Thomas Built Buses, a Daimler Trucks North America brand, has been delivering continuous improvement and robust transportation solutions to school bus fleets across the nation since 1936. Thomas has a long history of launching innovative capabilities in the industry, like this new telematics platform. Through this partnership with Zonar, Thomas Built Buses will offer a powerful on-board telematics option with the capacity to go far beyond just GPS tracking.

The Zonar platform will have the ability to send and receive data from the engine as well as provide insight on overall vehicle performance, driver behavior and monitoring of school bus passengers through Thomas Built’s unique multiplex wiring system.  

The data will provide real-time diagnostics which fleet managers, drivers, dealers and Thomas Built technicians can use to determine maintenance issues and to identify ways to further decrease the total cost of ownership for school bus fleets.

These telematics features will be available on all Saf-T-Liner C2 orders starting July, 2014. They will also be available on all other models shortly thereafter. 

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