Navistar OnCommand Connection system now standard on all new International trucks

Navistar has announced new features for its OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics system including it now being available as standard on all new International trucks.

At the Mid-America Trucking Show, International Truck announced a number of industry-leading advancements to its OnCommand Connection open architecture remote diagnostics system. OnCommand Connection works with a customer's existing telematics provider, pulling diagnostic-related data to create easy-to-understand vehicle health reports. Visibility into the operational health of the vehicle empowers customers to understand the severity of vehicle issues and determine the appropriate actions—ultimately leading to increased uptime.

OnCommand Connection is Now Standard

OnCommand Connection will now be available as a standard, no-charge feature on all new International trucks. In addition, fleets with International trucks or competitive vehicles, model year 2007 and newer, with partnering telematics providers, will also have the opportunity to obtain OnCommand Connection through International truck dealers, free of charge.

"Customers currently enrolled in OnCommand Connection are experiencing real-world advantages every day with increased vehicle uptime and lower operating costs," says Michael Cancelliere, Navistar Senior Vice President, Global Parts and Customer Service. "We believe, as a leader in technology integration, that we have a responsibility to make the uptime benefits of OnCommand Connection available to the entire industry."

Telematics Hardware and Data Bundle on International Branded Vehicles

The company announced a "credit" for base model telematics hardware and two years of data service on International branded vehicles upon activation. For customers choosing to upgrade from the base telematics hardware, a retail parts program is available to offset the incremental cost to customers. This bundled offering will be available in July 2015.  

"OnCommand Connection was developed on the foundation of integration and choice," says Mike Cerilli, Vice President and General Manager, Navistar Connected Vehicle Business. "We're proud to offer our customers the many benefits of OnCommand Connection through their preferred telematics provider."


The company also launched a dedicated website to its OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics system. The robust site serves as a destination for education on the system, including useful information on telematics partners, training and portal access. Customers can also enroll in OnCommand Connection directly through the website.

The announcement about OnCommand Connection standard offerings demonstrates how International Truck's innovative approach is leading the telematics revolution. Following are highlights of the benefits that have been delivered by OnCommand Connection since the system's introduction just over a year ago: 

  • Industry's first open architecture remote diagnostics system, aggregating data from participating telematics providers, including competitive makes
  • Robust fault code monitoring of more than 4,000 codes and counting
  • Monitors and aggregates faults from integrated component suppliers like Cummins and welcomes newly added partner Eaton, with several others in the pipeline
  • Bolsters integration with repair information partners such as Mitchell One and Noregon
  • Base telematics hardware and data bundle with option to upgrade, regardless of provider

"As commercial vehicles and fleet operations become increasingly more sophisticated, it's our responsibility to understand the data ecosystem and integrate with key stakeholders so our customers can maximize their uptime and see those results in their bottom line," says Bill Kozek, President, Truck and Parts, Navistar. "OnCommand Connection will continue to play a critical role in driving uptime across the industry—and we're just getting started."