HiPer AG Mobile RTK Base Station

Topcon announces the release of its HiPer series satellite receivers for the agriculture market.

Hiperag Topcon 10258737
Topcon 5474fae8752f7

Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA) announced that its HiPer series of satellite receivers has been expanded to include a specialty receiver for the worldwide agriculture market, the HiPer AG.

  • Dual-frequency GPS+GLONASS receiver provides access to more satellites at any point in time for consistent and reliable positioning in all field conditions
  • Cable-free, compact design
  • Receives and processes signals from both GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations
  • Features digital radio communications system
  • Utilizes corrections via L1/L2 C/A, P-Code and carrier data to improve accuracy and reliability of points and positions
  • Includes multi-path mitigation and co-op tracking, under-canopy and low-signal strength reception, and integrated Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Powerful 40-channel GNSS board operates at up to 20Hz
  • Ruggedly built for durability
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