OptiGauge Speed Monitoring Device

The OptiGauge from Transportation Value Engineering constantly monitors real-time driving conditions to help calculate the optimal speed for highest fuel efficiency.

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Transportation Value Engineering LLC has introduced the dashboard mounted and self-contained OptiGauge which calculates the “Sweet Spot” speed that generates highest fuel efficiency in real time.

  • Solid state device
  • Constantly monitors OTR real-time conditions to minimize per mile costs  
  • Adjusts ideal speed info constantly, correcting for changing vehicle and environmental conditions by utilizing continuously updated learning algorithm
  • Features dual data inputs 
  • Input 1 provides real-time vehicle operating parameters through the existing data bus
  • Input 2 offers individual fleet unit operating parameters customized by fleet and loaded via WiFi, mobile device/laptop interface or manually, using faceplate buttons
  • Packaged within a standard 2 in. dash-mounted gauge
  • Compatible with virtually every vehicle using OBDII, J1708 or the J1939 data bus
  • Installation requires only mounting and four or six wire connections (power, ground and data bus)
  • Initialization and data transfer is through front mounted mini-USB connector or built in WiFi 
  • Utilizes individual fleet’s specific cost sensitivities, including distance-related expenses and time-related expenses to continually compute optimum speed to drive for maximum profit
  • Vehicle performance parameters are downloadable for ‘back-end’ analysis
  • Enables evaluation of component performance (even aerodynamics, rolling resistance, drivetrain efficiency) and comparative analysis for future spec decisions
  • Provides vehicle-to-vehicle efficiency comparison for purchasing decisions
  • Allows evaluation driver profitability performance


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