Advances in Technology and Features Drive Real-time Ethernet for Mobile Equipment Controls Network

A drive to improve safety, efficiency, comfort, productivity, as well as legislative compliance, has led to continued advancements in real-time mobile control networks.

In the eternal quest to improve upon safety, efficiency, comfort, productivity and return on investment, and to meet some legislative requirements (see Tier 4 emissions), the mobile equipment world has embraced numerous advances afforded by technology.

Throughout the construction industry, you will find components and equipment which exemplify the advances made for the greater good of equipment design and performance. OEMs, dealers, renters, operators, service technicians and owners are all able to point out the technologies which have helped them to better handle the daily challenges they face. And some of those advances have added to the controls network requirements, particularly as they relate to bandwidth and real-time determinism. While CAN networks have become increasingly common in mobile equipment over the last 10 to 15 years, there is now a growing interest in alternative control network technology which offers much better performance.