Crest Foam Industries

Moonachie, NJ 07074

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100 Carol Place
Moonachie, NJ 07074
United States
Phone:(201) 807- 0809
Fax:(201) 807-1113

Crest Foam Industries is a pioneer developer of reticulated polyurethane foam materials. Our Company manufactures a full line of reticulated polyester, polyether and graft types of foams with a wide range of pore sizes. We also offer conventional and specialty non-reticulated foam materials, as well as compressed, "felted" foam.

Crest reticulated polyurethane foam is a unique, environmentally friendly, versatile material that can be fabricated into virtually any configuration for use in different products and applications. Most of these foams have void volumes in excess of 95%, large surface areas, excellent elastic properties and are compatible with a broad range of solvents. All foams are produced based on strict, well-documented specifications that insure consistent performance. Crest foams are available worldwide, directly or through a network of leading fabricators serving many industries.

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