SafeCrest Explosion Suppressant Foam (ESF)

Crest SafeCrest reticulated polyurethane foams are for explosion suppression and surge/noise mitigation in vehicles.

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Crest SafeCrest reticulated polyurethane foams for explosion suppression and surge/noise mitigation (Explosion Suppressant Foam, ESF)
are environmentally-friendly materials for use on any vehicle where the possibility of fuel tank explosion exists, or where surge/noise mitigation is required.

  • Proprietary manufacturing processes and special thermal reticulation techniques permit production of flexible skeletal foam structures with precisely controlled pore sizes and without cell membranes
  • SafeCrest ESF is designed for use in rigid and flexible (bladder type) fuel tanks and fuel cells
  • SafeCrest Class 2 materials exhibit anti-static properties down to -250 F, hydrolytic stability, and long service life
  • Prevents catastrophic explosions of ignited fuel vapors in the tank caused by electrical arcing, overheating of internal components, lightning strikes, or by static electrical discharge
  • Maintenance-free, contains no moving parts or electrical devices
  • Passive operation, requires no action by operators or crews
  • Efficacy (explosion suppression) is unaffected by fuel tank punctures, ruptures, fuel level, speed, attitude or altitude
  • May be fabricated into any shape to conform to internal structural members and components such as pumps, valves, sensors, filters, fuel lines, etc.
  • Mitigates fuel spray in the event of fuel tank rupture from compressive forces
  • Effectively baffles fuel to control surging and eliminate sloshing
  • Improves handling in high performance vehicles; eliminates fuel "slapping" noise in tank
  • Quick, easy installation without special tools or skills; fuel wetting and low swelling characteristics of SafeCrest insure a snug fit without the need for oversizing of foam
  • SafeCrest can be retrofitted to existing fuel tanks
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