New Holland Agriculture Wins Four AE50 Awards from ASABE

New Holland Agriculture recently received four AE50 Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

New Holland Agriculture has been honored with four prestigious AE50 Awards by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The awards are presented for the most innovative product ideas to enter the market in 2011.

The New Holland award winners include two high-horsepower tractors with Tier 4 ECOBlue SCR engine technology, the SynchroKnife drive for New Holland’s new 880CF combine SuperFlex draper header, and the MowMax II cutterbar for New Holland’s Durabine disc mower-conditioners.

“These awards acknowledge New Holland’s continuing commitment to developing new technology and cutting edge solutions to meet the needs of cash crop producers, livestock and dairy farmers, as well as the mixed farmer, who is involved in both crop and livestock production,” says Abe Hughes, New Holland’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, North America.

Additionally, the Cornrower corn stover windrowing attachment, an add-on created for New Holland’s 99C chopping corn head by a New Holland dealer, was also presented with an AE50 Award.

The New Holland T8 Series tractors combine the longest wheelbase in the industry in a limited-overall length tractor with optimum maneuverability, stability, operator comfort and versatility. The 136-inch (11 ft. 4 in.) wheelbase combined with a sculpted hood and frame provides tight turning performance for row-crop applications, making these tractors ideal for planting and grain cart applications. The long wheelbase provides improved ballasting capability. The fully integrated, close-coupled front hitch and PTO mean that while the T8 tractors are built to suit heavy tillage and high-capacity hay-cutting applications, the tractors are also engineered for secondary cultivation, manure spreading and other transport applications plus operations with a full-range of front-mounted implements.

This tractor also provides best-in-class operator comfort with lower in-cab noise levels, and improved ergonomics. The "saddle" front axle suspension provides for a 61% increase in suspended load capacity and a 31% reduction in cab bounce for excellent ride and stability in field or road travel, even with heavy three-point-hitch-mounted equipment. T8 Series tractors feature fuel efficient Tier 4 ECOBlue SCR engine technology.

The New Holland T9.560 tractor is a truly unique 4WD tractor: it’s the largest row-crop frame unit in the industry. The chassis has been configured to allow it to be used in row-crop applications requiring 60-inch tread settings and up to 500 rated engine horsepower. The ability to accommodate larger diameter tires improves the traction with narrow tires required in row-crop applications.

New Holland is the first manufacturer to offer optional PTO with 113 gpm remote hydraulic flow. The T9.560 provides the hydraulic flow to power large planters and seeders in the planting season and also is equipped with the PTO option to power grain carts during harvest. The tractor also includes the option of a four-corner cab suspension for increased ride comfort. The hood and cooling package were designed with consideration both for improved visibility over the hood and to provide easy access for cleaning the coolers. T9 Series tractors feature fuel efficient Tier 4 ECOBlue SCR engine technology.

The New Holland SynchroKnife drive, offered on the New Holland 880CF combine SuperFlex draper header, is a new patented center knife-drive system that revolutionizes the way a combine header cutterbar is driven. The double knife drive gearbox is driven by a single hydraulic motor and is mounted in the center of the header. This system works on the same basis as the two opposing knife drives used in larger headers, but eliminates the vibrations they can cause by continually keeping the opposing knifes perfectly synchronized. The new drive also eliminates complex drivelines, reducing maintenance needs and saving power while reducing overall crop losses from the header.

New Holland’s patented MowMax II independent modular disc cutterbar on Durabine disc mower-conditioner headers ensures smooth, quiet, trouble-free mowing and fast and inexpensive cutterbar servicing. To reduce operating costs and downtime, the cutterbar is designed with individually sealed disc drive modules so if the mower hits an obstruction in the field, the damage is isolated and fully contained within the module.

MowMax disc cutterbars are designed to run lightly on the ground for less wear and less downtime due to foreign object damage. Thin, low-profile rock guards allow closer cutting at a flatter cutting angle with stepped cutterbar spacers that maintain the straightness of the cutterbar for more even ground contact, with a cleaner, more consistent cut.

The Cornrower, invented and patented by New Holland dealer Jim Straeter of Rochester New Holland in Rochester, IN, is an add-on attachment that fits on a New Holland 99C chopping corn head with no modification of the header. It provides a unique system that provides options for corn stover harvest that are currently unavailable with other systems.

The Cornrower system works by catching the stover under the stalk rolls, preventing stover from contacting the soil while chopping it into small pieces. Labor to windrow the stover is eliminated since the Cornrower makes the windrow on the same pass as corn is harvested. In addition to enhancing stover quality, fuel use, labor costs and equipment capital requirements are all reduced compared to other systems.