SSAB Expands Hardox Wear Plate Product Range

SSAB has expanded its Hardox wear plate range to include thicknesses from 0.7 mm to 130 mm.

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SSAB has now expanded the range of Hardox wear plate to cover thicknesses from 0.7 mm to 130 mm. This provides more industries with access to Hardox and means new opportunities for existing customers to develop their products. Where the thickness previously set limits for design solutions, the new extensive Hardox product program opens new doors.

Hardox is a wear-resistant steel with very consistent features that makes it easy to process. It is not only hard, for resisting wear, but also has excellent design characteristics in terms of toughness and formability. In addition, the new thinner version provides even better thickness tolerances and surfaces than classic Hardox.

"The production equipment we have invested in makes it possible to give very thin, as well as very thick steel the unique properties of Hardox," says Johan Broback who is coordinating SSAB's launch of the new wider product range. He points out that it is the result of a close cooperation with customers as well as an exchange of knowledge between heavy plate production in Oxelösund and sheet manufacturing operations in Borlänge.

"Almost all our customers are striving to create lighter solutions, so the potential for thinner Hardox is virtually limitless," says Patric Waara who is part of a group of specialists providing daily support to customers in development projects.

One application where the new thinner versions come in handy is transportation screws, which can now be made down to 0.7 mm Hardox. Other examples include truck beds that can be made lighter by using thinner sheet with the same lifetime. There are also many details on farming equipment that can be made lighter and more durable.

"The mining industry is an important and expanding market for the thicker grades," says Claes Löwgren, Business Development at SSAB. "The trend for mining machines is bigger and bigger in order to increase efficiency. Then it is important that there is also Hardox in thicker versions that can keep up with this size development. Right now, we are developing Hardox with thicknesses up to 160 mm together with our customers."

The materials in the new Hardox program have been tested with customers and can be ordered today.