New Holland Adds Two New Models to Its C Series Excavators

New Holland introduces two new crawler excavators to its C Series line.

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Power and control boost productivity by 10%

The E215C and E245C feature New Holland’s Selective Catalytic Control (SCR) technology, which optimizes the combustion process for maximum efficiency, allowing the six-cylinder common rail engine to focus entirely on generating power, delivering an extra 15 hp compared to the B Series. This solution, developed by FPT Industrial to meet EU Stage IIIB emissions regulations, relies on an after-treatment system that breaks down the NOx into nitrogen and water through a chemical reaction with AdBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), while particulate matter levels are minimized by the high combustion temperatures.

The hydraulic system has been redesigned to increase significantly the machines’ hydraulic efficiency. Together with the new joysticks, the optimized hydraulics give the operator outstanding control. The Advanced Electronic Processor has been upgraded to provide highly responsive controls and deliver extra power when needed.

Low operating costs and high fuel efficiency boost profitability

New Holland excavators have a reputation for industry leading fuel efficiency. The C Series takes this to a whole new level with the SCR technology and high efficiency hydraulic system, which deliver extra performance and exceptionally low fuel consumption. In addition, a new ECO working mode that optimizes fuel consumption while maintaining top performance, reducing fuel consumption by as much as 10% compared to the B Series.

The E215C and E245C’s exceptionally low operating costs also derive from the longer service intervals and easy serviceability. The use of SCR technology also means that there is no diesel particulate filter to service or replace, and the system has been designed so that the AdBlue DEF tank only needs to be refilled every four refuelling stops, depending on the job. 

Built-in comfort and safety boost productivity

The EVO cab delivers exceptional all around visibility, with a full size right side window and standard rear-view camera. The narrow-shaped pillars of the ROPS/FOPS reinforced structure further enhance visibility. The innovative multifunctional monitor enables the operator to see the rear of the machine while monitoring the excavator’s parameters. Operators can work in comfort with the confidence that they have a clear view of the information they need, the attachment and working area, as well as any people working around the machine, contributing to a safe job site.

The new dampers, together with the SCR technology, result in vibration levels lower by as much as 30% when travelling and 50% when digging. Together with the enhanced soundproofing, the exceptionally low vibration levels, spacious operator workstation and ergonomic control layout, the EVO cab delivers class-leading comfort.

Built-in durability and reliability

The heavy-duty design and improved undercarriage built to withstand the toughest conditions; the side-by-side radiator layout that improves cooling performance and is easier to clean; the optimized combustion allowed by SCR technology; all these features add up to the exceptional durability and reliability of the E215C and E245C.