IAV Brings Waste-Heat-Recovery, Aerodynamics Expertise to COMVEC 17

IAV will exhibit its Organic Rankine cycle expander for waste heat recovery on internal combustion engines, as well as present on aerodynamic optimization needs.

IAV Automotive Engineering Inc.

IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc., a leading engineering services firm, will put its extensive knowledge in conserving fuel economy in the spotlight at SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress 2017 (COMVEC 17), Sept. 18-20. To showcase its expertise, IAV will display its innovative Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) expander for waste-heat-recovery (WHR) on internal combustion engines and speak to aerodynamic optimization needs.  

IAV’s ORC technology employs a combined system for exhaust and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) heat recuperation. A vehicle equipped with this ORC system can achieve up to 5% better fuel efficiency in real-world operating cycles, depending on the engine operation point and whether waste-heat is mechanically or electrically recuperated. Through comprehensive testing, the combined system has proven its ability to increase the brake thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines up to 55%. Additionally, by utilizing a unique evaporative cooling concept, the brake thermal efficiency of the engine is improved and cooling heat losses can be integrated into the ORC system, providing up to an eight percent fuel efficiency benefit.

“IAV is thrilled to bring this innovative technology and its efficiency benefits to the show floor at COMVEC 17,” says Thaddäus Delebinski, Business Unit Director of Diesel Systems at IAV. “Our dedicated team of engineers works tirelessly to develop and test solutions like the WHR system that tackle key industry issues facing the commercial vehicle market, and we are proud to present this technology as a solution for future heavy-duty vehicles.”

In addition to IAV’s exhibit, Rifet Muminovic, Ph.D., Development Engineer at IAV GmbH, will present a technical session at COMVEC 17, analyzing current aerodynamic influences and speaking about potential opportunities to reduce aerodynamic drag and thereby reduce fuel consumption of commercial vehicles. The session is titled “Potential of Aerodynamic Optimization for European Heavy-Duty Trucks and Trailers,” and will take place at 1:40 p.m. on Sept. 18, in the Balmoral Ballroom.

IAV technology experts will be on-site at IAV’s exhibit, located in booths 18 and 19, to discuss the WHR expander and its capabilities, showcase aerodynamic scale models and address other IAV solutions.