XCMG Improves Manufacturing Productivity with Digital Factory Solutions

The company's Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit, for example, has seen a bump of 25.8% in production efficiency due to the implementation of smart manufacturing systems.


XCMG, the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer, has become the only producer of large-tonnage loaders in China with a full life-cycle smart manufacturing (SM) system covering five major sectors of product design, production, logistics sales and services. This achievement, along with its robust R&D capabilities, places XCMG at the leading edge of construction machinery producers not only in China but around the world. 

By transitioning from traditional manufacturing to digital, networked processes, XCMG has realized astounding savings and enhanced quality in its production lines. The company's Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit, for example, has seen a bump of 25.8% in production efficiency through workshop and production line simulation optimization and upgrades to its equipment and logistics software, as well as implementing a new smart scheduling and information management system. The company also has the largest single unit combined factory building in Asia.

"Our investments have paid off," says Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG. "Thanks to our relentless focus on R&D and the development of our production capabilities, as well as our team's flawless implementation of our modernization strategy, XCMG now stands at the pinnacle of SM in China and has cemented its status as a world leader in heavy machinery manufacturing."

XCMG's use of smart manufacturing equipment, especially NC equipment, along with welding and painting robots, has significantly improved production and ensured long-term stability for the company. For example, XCMG has re-developed its SAP, MES, SRM, and CRM systems to ensure that every facet of the on-site production and marketing execution plans are controllable in real-time, enabling the company to transform from a product supplier to a product and service provider.

After 2 years of R&D and 4 months of construction, XCMG has also created the world's first smart welding line for the production of large structural components. The 100 m long production line can produce 40 products a day and boasts annual mileage of 1,933 km (1,201 miles) and docking accuracy of 0.01 degrees.