Komatsu's New Thinning Machine Features a Fuel-Efficient Engine

Komatsu's new 901TX.1 thinning machine is equipped with an E3-Power engine that offers increased fuel economy.

The Komatsu 901TX.1 features the new E3-Power engine concept, with its documented fuel efficiency. Field tests, under normal work conditions, have shown considerable fuel savings compared to Stage A/Tier 3 models. Naturally, actual fuel consumption varies depending on the prevailing conditions, but all field tests performed so far have shown considerable reductions in fuel consumption. The E3-Power engine concept stands for Environmental, Economical, and Efficient. The focus of the E3-Power concept has been to maximize combustion efficiency. This reduces the amount of particulates to be filtered and resolves part of the underlying problem. It also drastically reduces fuel consumption while retaining the same engine performance and response.

However, the new engine is not all the Komatsu 901TX.1 has to offer. Komatsu's unique 'comfort' bogie concept and large 24.5 in. tires provide low ground pressure, which helps preserve the forest floor and the remaining trees when thinning.

Soft-sealed ORFS couplings throughout the machine ensure great reliability and minimize oil leaks. This is good for both the environment and budgets. ORFS fittings are based on two flat surfaces with an o-ring that creates a tight seal.

Maneuverability, reach and lifting power are other important factors for effective thinning. The Komatsu 901TX.1 is equipped with a 32 ft. 10in. (10 m) or 36 ft. (11 m) crane, boasting the greatest lifting torque on the market at 62.7 ton-ft (170 kNm). Together with Komatsu's integrated cab and boom concept, this means a lot, especially when working in steep terrain.

The Komatsu 901TX.1 cab is large and spacious with generous headroom providing a comfortable work environment. Inside, the generous headroom is very apparent, and the cab is both long and wide.

Naturally, the Komatsu 901TX.1 is equipped with the powerful and user-friendly MaxiXplorer 3.0 control system, with such new features as variable fan control with monitored fan speed, which reduces noise levels in the cab, and a function for tree species groups, enabling the operator to select several different tree species.

The Komatsu 901TX.1 is also available as a four-wheel model, making this thinning machine even nimbler and more effective.