Case IH highlights newest tractors at Agritechnica 2013

During Agritechnica 2013, Case IH introduced five new tractors as well as precision agriculture technologies.

Maxxum CVX tractor
Maxxum CVX tractor
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“Efficient Farming – tractors, harvesting technology and precision farming solutions for tomorrow’s agriculture” – was the motto for Case IH at this year’s exhibition and information display at Agritechnica. On this occasion, the manufacturer of agricultural machinery presented a vast range of new products and services as yet unequalled in the company’s history, including five new tractor series which were presented at Agritechnica for the very first time.

This year, however, there was more in hall 5 than just innovative tractor and harvesting technology. The exhibition included new solutions for precision agriculture and a diverting mix of information and entertainment on issues currently of high interest for farmers: these issues relate to the latest fuel-saving engine technology, to innovative financing solutions and synergies that develop within CNH Industrial – offering growing benefits also for farmers, explains Alfred Guth, Communications Manager at Case IH and responsible for the trade show presentation.

VIP program and new service- and dealer-area

Different key topics which address special groups complete the information program. There were special contact persons, guided tours and other special exhibition offers for machinery contractors, students or school groups.

One further key topic covers the new range of services offered to Case IH customers. New online offers – such as the new Case IH-app – the latest generation mobile service vehicles and new tools for quick diagnosis were focal points of the exhibit in the “Case IH service- and dealer-arena,” presenting information for the first time on the dealers’ service offer on 300 square meters.

Thursday 14 November was dedicated to young farmers; they could catch up on career opportunities at Case IH in the “Recruiting Café.” Experts from the Human Resources Departments presented information on education, career entry, practical training and research opportunities at Case IH and the C Industrial Group.

Furthermore, Case IH sponsored the Young Farmers Party in the TUI Arena. Also for the first time there was a quiz particularly for children at the stand.

On Friday 15 November and Saturday 16 November, there was a particular focus on workshops related to precision farming.

Fan-mile and experts-meeting “engine technology“

In yet another first, Case IH presented a fan-mile with the Case IH fanshop taking center stage. In addition to the new Case IH models, the new 2014 collection - which stands out in terms of innovative protective clothing and leisure wear - was presented.

In cooperation with CNH Industrial engine manufacturer FPT, there was also a special exhibition on the latest engine technology with innovative exhaust purification technology – the HI-eSCR System. Engine developers presented information on the state-of-the-art engine generation such as the Cursor 13 and equally offer insights into the future development of engines for tractors and combines.

Case construction equipment – solutions for agriculture

Construction equipment was also a true first timer at the Case IH stand. “In this section, we present the expanded field of competence of CNH Industrial with regard to construction equipment for example. The market for wheel-type loaders and telehandlers as well as small versatile multi-purpose loaders within agriculture continues to grow. Case IH now offers interesting solutions which are excellent to further complete our portfolio of agricultural equipment”, says Guth.

Finances Meeting Place with “exhibition conditions"

The information offer was completed with the Case IH Finances Meeting Place. Farmers could obtain information on favorable financing solutions, current early-buying options and new offers with regard to machinery insurances, and could benefit from special “exhibition conditions.”

Firework of innovations in the tractor program

With regard to the tractors on display, two new high-horsepower tractors – Quadtrac 620 and Magnum CVX – were clear highlights. With these machines, Case IH presents two tractors which are the most powerful in their respective engine power class world-wide. The Case IH Magnum CVX is the most powerful standard tractor, and with the Quadtrac 620, featuring 620 horsepower (maximum power output of 700 hp), Case IH presents the most powerful current series-produced tractor.

Case IH TV provides live coverage

“For those who want to experience our exhibition highlights virtually in real time from their homes, we also offer a web-TV this year. We will present innovations and lots of professional live information from the exhibition. Farmers as well as equipment experts will have their say,” adds Guth.

Information on the display at the exhibition will be available in advance on the special Agritechnica webpage on Case's website and via Facebook (Case IH).

Overview of top technology innovations:

The new flagship class – the new Steiger and Quadtrac series

With the 2014 series, Case IH presents the latest generation of Steiger and Quadtrac tractors, including the new models Quadtrac 540, Quadtrac 580 and the new top-of-the-range Quadtrac 620, with a power rating of 628 hp and a maximum power output of 692 hp. As a result, the new Case IH Steigers and Quadtracs are the most powerful series production tractors in the world. In addition, they deliver a torque of almost 3,000 Nm and have a tare weight of 25 tonnes.

All new Steiger and Quadtrac models are powered by FPT Industrial Cursor 13 engines. This six cylinder power source, with a capacity of 12.9 liters and two intercoolers, enables a significant improvement in the thermal efficiency of the engine, without compromising the tractor’s pulling power with a torque of 2,941 Nm.

The new engines equipped with the unique HI-eSCR technology and therefore having optimized combustion, continue to secure the pole position in fuel efficiency for Case IH. This patented technology not only ensures excellent cost-effectiveness but also a NOx transformation efficiency of 95% – compared to between 80 and 85 with other systems.

With Efficient Power the exhaust treatment stage is performed outside the engine by a separate SCR-only system. More power, lower fuel consumption and enhanced reliability are achieved as a result.

The new Maxxum CVX

For Agritechnica 2013 Case IH extends the Maxxum series with three new models with continuously variable transmission. The Maxxum 110 CVX, 120 CVX and 130 CVX represent the very latest all-purpose tractors for the widest range of tasks featuring powerful engines and comfortable cabs.

The Maxxum CVX models are equipped with proven CVX transmissions with double-clutch technology.

These transmissions operate completely continuously between zero and 50 kph and offer outstanding overall efficiency in two mechanical operating ranges.
Hydraulic power is available uniformly across the whole speed range of the tractor and requires less than 25% of total power output. 50 kph Eco Speed is achieved at a reduced engine speed of 1,750 rpm (40 kph at 1,600 rpm).

The gear change between the two operating ranges takes place automatically using the double clutch. The double clutch technology ensures that frictional losses are minimized for maximum efficiency. Maxxum CVX tractors are also equipped with Case IH Automatic Productivity Management (APM), a system already proven highly effective with the larger Case IH tractors. APM automatically reduces engine speed if less power is currently required.

The new Maxxum CVX tractors are powered by rugged engines with turbochargers and inter-coolers. These four-cylinder engines have a capacity of 4.5 liters and all models feature electronic common rail injection. The engines deliver a real power boost – 10% higher performance at a reduced engine speed of 1,900 rpm. This enables a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption.

Professional round baler with fixed chamber

The new RB 544 is a professional fixed chamber round baler with compression roll system. Case IH is extending its series of round balers with a range designed especially for the increasingly high specification demands of large dairy farms and contractors. The high performance fixed chamber baler, which will be available for the 2014 season in three models, features the new CRS compression roll system. In addition to the standard version, Case IH offers the Silage Pack HD variant, aimed particularly at the needs of contractors and featuring tandem axles and active bale chamber control for even higher density, and the RB 544 Silage Pack, both models featuring a combined netting and film wrapping system.

New baler with variable compression chamber

Particularly for the efficient harvesting of straw and green forage or silage, Case IH has developed a new round baler with a variable compression chamber, available from January 2014. The new RB Series consists of two models – the RB 455 and the RB 465, which form bales 1.2 wide and between 0.9 and 1.5 meters in diameter (RB 455) or between 0.9 and 1.8 meters in diameter (RB 465).

Both models can be supplied with an optional rotor feeder and cutter rotor. As a result, the new RB 455/465 can be adapted to different operating requirements.

The way RB 455/465 balers work is to use a combination of flexible belts and compression rollers. Equipped with the new high-performance pickup and rotor, output is greatly increased.

New large square baler series

A unique design, a considerable increase in efficiency and numerous innovations characterize the newest generation of large square balers from Case IH: the LB 4 Series. The range offered in Germany consists of three models – LB 334 (bale dimensions 80 x 90 cm), LB 424 (120 x 70 cm) and LB 434 (120 x 90 cm). On the new LB series virtually all key component areas have been revised or in part redeveloped. These include an extremely rugged central frame and a new pickup and rotor system for efficient crop gathering. Case IH development engineers have kept some of the proven components from the previous LB series, including the extremely reliable double knotter system.

More efficient threshing! – Combine innovations

Case IH unveils new features on its legendary Axial-Flow combines for the 2014 season, including the optimized cleaning system, a higher conveying capacity for the cleaned grain and the new folding auger with an industry-exclusive pivoting spout option, helping to make these high-output machines even more productive. The new design of the cabin and the in-cab adjustment of the chop to windrow mode increase operator comfort and allow for highly productive days in the field.

The optimized cleaning process starts with a more effective channeling of the wind. In combination with a steeper angle of the bottom below the lower sieve and the larger clean grain cross auger, the cleaning performance is particularly improved in moist conditions for corn and cereals. The inlet to the grain elevator has been enlarged and a rear support plate added to the elevator paddles for conveying an increased volume of grain. The grain tank filling auger has also been adapted to the higher capacity of the cleaning system, all adding up to an all-round suitable concept to increase productivity.

In addition to other features, the new cab is equipped with a slim Multifunction Propulsion Handle, redesigned to put all key controls within a finger’s reach. There is also an upgraded right-hand console with ergonomic controls and a slide rail that allows for comfortable adjustment of the AFS display, a holder for a cup and office items. Multiple convenient storage locations have been added featuring brushed-chrome styling in the luxury cab version. Operators can stay tuned in and connected on the go with an iPad or iPod plug-in, and the co-driver’s seat opens to reveal a convenient, portable electric refrigerator to keep food and drinks cool.

Straw discharge can now be controlled from inside the cab. Differing options can be selected at the push of a button: distribution of chopped material across the full working width, discharge of chopped material in a swath (for instance for balers without rotor cutter), spreading of unchopped straw for faster drying as well as discharge of unchopped straw in a swath.

In order to make storage, road transport and unloading on the move easier and safer also with wide headers, Case IH has introduced new options with the extremely effective 8.8 meters foldable unloading auger system.

The operator controls outward and inward folding of the auger with a simple switch in the cab roof; folding happens quickly and reduces the length of the combine for road transport and storage.

The new 8.8 m auger option folds out to a 95 degree angle for best visibility when unloading, access to the rear service deck is unaffected when folded, and the auger lies within the width of the combine side panels. The 8.8 m auger system is indispensible for all combines with 12 m or wider headers.
The new industry-exclusive pivoting spout option is available for all high capacity unloading auger lengths. It allows the operator to comfortably adjust the grain stream from inside the cab and bring the spout into the correct position. The tractor-grain trailer combination no longer requires repositioning relative to the combine.