New Holland launches new L221 skid steer with power range up to 74 hp

The new L221 skid steer from New Holland is its most powerful three radial arm skid steer yet offering a power rating up to 74 hp.

New Holland L221 Skid Steer
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New Holland’s newest addition to the 200 Series, the L221 skid steer, offers a new level of performance in a radial arm machine. At 74 hp (55 kW) and with a rated operating capacity of 2,100 lbs. (952 kg), the L221 is the largest, most powerful of New Holland’s three radial arm skid steer models.

“Radial arm skid steers are especially productive in excavating, grading, and digging operations,” says Construction Product Manager Paul Wade. “The L221 not only delivers more pushing power, the smooth, stable ride and exceptional visibility allows operators to work with a new level of confidence and speed.”

Superior cab comfort and visibility

Like all New Holland 200 Series skid steers, the L221 provides a superior working environment. It’s outfitted with one of the industry’s widest, most comfortable cabs with plenty of head and foot room. The cab offers outstanding visibility, giving operators a 360-degree view of the job site. The rear window provides best-in-class rear visibility.

“Comfortable operators get more work done,” notes Wade, “and better visibility allows safer and more efficient movement around the work site.”

Unmatched stability

Stability is an important part of being productive on the job site, and that’s another area where this skid steer delivers. The long wheelbase on the L221, like other New Holland 200 Series skid steers, allows operators to lift and haul more material, increasing productivity.

“With the longest wheelbase in the industry, and a low center of gravity, New Holland skid steers are exceptionally stable,” Wade says. “This design makes even novice operators confident on the job.”

Easy to service

The L221 has the same, convenient flip-top cab as all other units in the New Holland skid steer and compact track loader line. “It’s no secret that service downtime is lost revenue and maintenance is more likely to be taken care of when it is easy to get done,” says Wade.

By simply opening the engine compartment rear door, routine service points like the engine oil fill and dipstick, the air filter, oil cooler, radiator, coolant over flow, fuel filter, and oil filter are readily accessible. And if more service access is needed, the entire cab assembly flips forward and out of the way to open the machine up wide for convenient access to components.