Caterpillar introduces two new compact wheel loaders

Caterpillar introduces the 910K and 914K Compact Wheel Loaders featuring Caterpillar's Optimized Z-bar loader linkage and Hystat hydrostatic drive system.

Caterpillar K Series Wheel Loader
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Two new Cat Compact Wheel Loaders—the 910K, a new model in the range, and 914K, replacing both 914G2 and IT14G2­—feature Caterpillar's exclusive Optimized Z-bar loader linkage, allowing these new models to work with the digging power of conventional Z-bar machines, while also providing the parallel-lift of an integrated tool carrier. Both models use a 92-net horsepower, EPA Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB engine, the Cat Hystat hydrostatic drive system, and newly designed cabs. High-lift booms, couplers and a range of work tools, including Cat Performance Series buckets are available, ensuring optimum versatility and productivity.

Design features
The 910K and 914K feature the Cat C3.8B engine, longitudinally mounted to facilitate routine maintenance and to provide excellent rearward visibility. A new, single-plane cooling system uses an efficient hydraulically driven fan or an optional Cat Demand Fan that operates only as required. An ECO mode regulates the engine’s high idle, saving fuel and lowering sound levels with no compromise in machine performance, while also effectively controlling downhill braking. Exhaust after-treatment requires only a diesel particulate filter, eliminating the need for diesel exhaust fluid.

Refinements in the Cat Hystat system allow a 25 mph (40kph) top speed for the new machines, and a convenient switch in the right console provides on-the-go shifting between two speed ranges. The electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission delivers maximum rimpull in both ranges and automatically regulates speed during downhill travel.

Refinements in the cab design for 910K and 914K include expanded visibility to the work tool—resulting from the new loader-linkage design and compact hydraulic-hose routing—as well as control-layout modifications. The Deluxe cab features two side-entry doors, low-effort electro-hydraulic joystick, suspended pedals, tilt steering wheel, air-suspended and heated seat and optional security keypad. The multi-function loader-control joystick also incorporates transmission and differential-lock controls and accommodates controls for two-, three-, and four-valve hydraulic systems, including proportional control of auxiliary circuits.

The new machines are available with an Integrated Tool Carrier coupler, compatible with legacy IT Cat work tools as well as the Cat ISO coupler, designed to work with a full range of Cat Performance Series buckets, optimized ISO pallet forks and certain competitive attachments. Cat Performance Series buckets feature a large throat opening, long floor, curved side bars, ample rack-back and efficient strike plane to assist operators in loading faster, to capacity, while retaining material during travel. High-lift booms provide 335 mm (14 in.) of added clearance.

Custom performance
The versatility and operator convenience designed into the new 910K and 914K are further enhanced with new options, the Road Feature and Load Feature Packages, which include a new electronic, soft-touch keypad for convenient control of most functions.

The Road Feature Package includes a Ride-Control system that cushions boom cylinders when the machine is traveling with a load in rough terrain, smoothing the ride and retaining material. Also, a variable-speed Creeper Control allows ground speed adjustment independently of engine speed for precise control of continuous-operation work tools, such as snow blowers and brooms. An Electronic Throttle Lock automatically maintains (or resumes) a set engine speed to allow work tools to function at a high RPM for maximum hydraulic power. Thus, the Creeper Control and Electronic Throttle work together for optimal work tool performance and ease of operation.

Also included are an Implement-Modulation System for adjusting hydraulic response to one of three levels and a Hystat Aggressiveness Control that provides three levels of shifting smoothness and directional-change response. These features permit operators to program the machine to their preferences or to job-site conditions.

The Load Feature Package includes the Electronic Throttle Lock, Implement-Modulation System and Hystat Aggressiveness Control, while also incorporating additional features to assist operators during the loading cycle: Rimpull Control; Return to Dig; and Lift Kickout.

Rimpull Control increases productivity and lowers operating costs by reducing tire slip in poor underfoot conditions, yielding more efficient bucket loading and reduced tire wear. The operator can select among three settings to adjust power at the wheels to working conditions: 60, 80, or 100% of the Hystat system's power. Also, the K Series brake pedal functions as an inching pedal during the first half of its stroke, decelerating the machine hydrostatically.

Return To Dig automatically repositions the bucket for the next loading cycle when the operator places the joystick lever in the bucket rack-back detent after dumping into a truck or hopper. This feature is adjusted at the tilt cylinder.

Lift Kickout is a useful feature when the machine is working in low-overhead situations. After the kickout height of the loader arms has been mechanically set via an adjustable bracket and magnetic sensor near a linkage-pin, the loader arms will stop at that pre-determined height when the operator depresses the Lift Kickout button and pulls the joystick into its lift detent.

Security, fleet management
For added protection, the available Machine Security System now integrates keypad access for engine starting, allowing protected digital access to the ignition without a specially designed key. Cat Connect makes smart use of technology and services to help improve jobsite efficiency. LINK technologies, like the optional Product Link system helps fleet owners manage equipment productivity and lower owning and operating costs through the online VisionLink interface by tracking critical items, such as location, hours, fuel usage, diagnostic codes, and idle time.