SCHEUERLE introduces vehicle for transporting palletless packed metal sheets

The new Non-Cassette Carrier from SCHEUERLE features 24 steered axles and 48 tires which enable it to carry palletless 24 x 4.5 meter long metal sheets.

Tii Group Non Cassette Carrier

Twenty-four steered axles, 48 tires, and around 25 meters long: the SCHEUERLE Non-Cassette Carrier has a very impressive appearance. But not only this, even more impressive is the versatility of the vehicle in use: the SCHEUERLE Non-Cassette Carrier not only moves stacks of steel plate during in-company operations without requiring any pallets, but can also be used in combination with a transport ship as part of a roll-on roll-off concept. Two of the four transporters initially ordered have already been delivered to the customer.

The design of the Non-Cassette Carrier is based on a robust ladder-type frame which is combined with the proven, hydraulically-supported SCHEUERLE pendulum axles and fourteen integrated lifting forks. In order to be able to also accommodate the required payload of 250 tonnes, if this does not extend over the entire length of the vehicle, each individual fork has been designed to handle 30 tons of load. The vehicle is powered by the proven MAN six-cylinder with 338 kW  which has long been successfully used in the Power Packs from SCHEUERLE to drive the InterCombi SP. When designing the pendulum axles, the engineers relied very much on the 30 years of experience with the SPMT pendulum axle technology that has proven itself worldwide in the toughest of conditions for the transport of the world's heaviest loads. A camera and radar system facilitates the handling of the Non-Cassette Carrier and allows the driver to precisely position the vehicle thus resulting in safe and efficient working conditions. In addition to the lifting fork operations, the vehicle can also be loaded from above. The first two transporters were taken by SCHEUERLE customer, Kübler, from the production site in Pfedelbach near Heilbronn to the port facility in Mannheim - during two consecutive night journeys - and subsequently shipped from there.