Volvo reports truck sales increased 28% in February

Volvo Group reports truck sales in February increased 28% compared with February 2013 sales.

Volvo Iron Mark New Rgb

Deliveries from the Volvo Group’s truck operations in February 2014 amounted to 15,689 vehicles. This was an increase of 28% compared with the year-earlier month.

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In February 9,854 Volvo trucks were delivered, an increase of 45% compared with the same month last year.

In Europe 3,558 vehicles were delivered during February, up by 38% compared with February 2013. February 2013 included several down days in production resulting in fewer production days compared with 2014.

February deliveries in North America increased 69% to 2,412 vehicles in comparison with the same period last year. The increase is partly due to several down-days in February 2013.

February deliveries in South America increased 43% to 2,367 trucks compared with February 2013.


February deliveries of Mack trucks increased by 25% compared to the same month last year, and reached 1,622 trucks. The increase is partly due to several down-days in February 2013.

Renault Trucks

In February 2,589 trucks were delivered by Renault Trucks which was a decrease by 10% compared to a year ago due to lowered production following the lower demand from the transition to the new Euro 6 emission regulation and the on-going product renewal.


In February 2014, UD Trucks delivered 1,624 trucks, which was an increase by 27% compared to February last year.


Deliveries of Eicher trucks in February decreased by 25% to 2,269 trucks compared to the same month last year.