Link-Belt debuted all-terrain crane for North American market at CONEXPO

Link-Belt introduced its second all-terrain crane built specifically for the North American market at CONEXPO.

3210 Overview Hr

Link-Belt unveiled its second all-terrain crane built specifically for the North American market at CONEXPO 2014, March 4 to 8. Link-Belt introduced its first all-terrain crane at CONEXPO 2011 and has taken the success from the ATC-3275 to help shape its new 210-ton (185 mt) ATC-3210.

According to Product Manager for Hydraulic Truck and All-Terrain Cranes, Rick Curnutte, “We’ve seen great success with the ATC-3275. It’s got the reach and the capacities, and it’s less complicated to operate. And we have transportation figured out better than anyone else. Several of our AT purchases have been from repeat customers who have put this crane to the test and have realized the savings on the transportation side of it.” Designed with extensive customer input, the ATC-3210 will meet the toughest transport laws in North America while also meeting Tier 4 final and EPA 2013 on-highway requirements.

Transport is critical to any market, and to help with North American road laws, none of the counterweights on the ATC-3210 are more than 22,000 lbs. (9,979 kg) and can be grouped together with other components to maximize loads. The ATC-3210 with maximum counterweight, rigging, matting, and fly extensions can move in just three truckloads. At just under 145,000 lbs. (65,770.9 kg) the ATC-3210 can transport in a three-axle dolly configuration with a three-piece hydraulic fly, auxiliary lifting sheave, hook block and ball and  main and auxiliary winches. None of the axles exceed 20,000 lbs. (9,071.8 kg), and none of the three truck loads exceed 45,000 lbs. (20,412 kg).

The ATC-3210 moves itself effortlessly as well—on or off the jobsite. A Cummins EPA 2013 compliant engine provides ample power to give this AT the best highway speeds on the market. To slow this crane, it’s equipped with anti-lock (ABS) disc brakes, transmission intarder, and true engine compression brakes that meet the stringent SAE braking codes. Emergency steering, cruise control and traction control are standard, as are extra steering cylinders for maneuvering in difficult terrain. The traction control has a mud and snow setting to allow more slip when needed. Also available are inter-axle and cross-axle differential locking. Putting this control on the ground are military-grade, two-piece aluminum wheels that require no special tools to service in the field. And keeping it all comfortable is Link-Belt’s proven Hydrogas suspension system.

Once on the jobsite, the ATC-3210, with full ANSI B 30.5 certification, is the stoutest AT in its class. The six-section boom is fabricated from ultra-high-strength steel in Link-Belt’s own facility. The two-plate design of each section has multiple longitudinal bends for superior strength. Teflon inserts keep the boom lubed and are universal for all boom sections. Seven boom modes maximize capacities by varying the extension of the sections.

Unlike other manufacturer’s ATs, the ATC-3210 utilizes the ATC-3275 concept of upper engine mounted transversely to allow maximum space for the stowable fly. A 12-foot (3.7 m) heavy-lift fly has two-line, one-load lift procedures making it perfect for tilt-up work. An optional three-piece bi-fold fly hydraulically offsets from 2 to 45 degrees. A manual, four-position offset is available as well.

A new lighting package will be unveiled with the ATC-3210. Engine and storage compartments will be illuminated now with internal LED lighting. The lights found on the front of the operators cab and at the outriggers have been replaced with high intensity LED lights and these are also in areas for fuel fills, ground control stations for outriggers and suspension and other various locations throughout the crane.

Much like the TCC-1100 at the last ConExpo, a remote controlled, high intensity boom floodlights is available on the ATC-3210 and the entire range of Link-Belt telescopic cranes. Single and dual boom floodlight options will now have LED lights.  

Another optional lighting package is available with:

  • High intensity work lights just above the operator’s cab
  • Lights that illuminate the walkways on the upper.
  • A right side forward facing high intensity work light
  • Left and right high intensity work lights mount atop the upper to illuminate the swing area.

As with all Link-Belts, operator safety, comfort and convenience are designed from the outset. All controls and buttons in both the upper and lower cabs are logically positioned, clearly marked with ISO symbols and backlit for nighttime operation. The lower cab is single occupancy and features integral heating and air conditioning, multiple grab handles, heated and remote control mirrors and a six-way adjustable, air suspended seat. The upper cab tilts up to twenty degrees to keep the operator comfortable at high boom angles. A swing-up roof window with windshield wiper and washer, engine-dependent warm water cab heating, a sun screen and a five-way-adjustable seat with headrest ensure a comfortable work environment.

The cabs are not the only things that make this crane easy on operators. Like all Link-Belts, extensive customer input helped make the ATC-3210 safe and easy to service.  All connections and service points are centralized and easily accessible. Similarly, the pressure for every hydraulic system in the upper can be checked at a single location. Large doors give ample room to service both upper and lower engines and every filter location is planned and designed for access. Available autolube systems (with manual overrides) in the upper and lower frames automatically lube at timed intervals.

With the introduction of the ATC-3210, Link-Belt continues on its course of delivering an all-terrain crane option designed and built for the North American market. Just as Link-Belt revolutionized truck cranes, it is also solidifying its place in the all-terrain crane market.

Other standout features of the ATC-3210:

  • Five carrier cameras: two on the lower and three on the upper with split screen monitor inside the operator’s cab
  • A watertight storage box for rigging and an included ladder
  • Aluminum full deck fenders with mud flaps and wheel spray suppression
  • Pneumatic and electrical quick disconnect connections for trailer or boom dolly
  • Multiple steering modes controllable from the carrier cab
  • Free swing
  • Outrigger and suspension controls with auto-level
  • 10 x 6 x 10 drive/steer
  • Variable speed on-highway steering
  • Four auxiliary steering modes
  • Supported 24/7 by Link-Belt Preferred including online manuals, literature, a ground bearing calculator, and 3D Lift Plan