Caterpillar gives behind-the-scenes look into Built for It Trials - Stack video

Caterpillar provides a behind-the-scenes look into its Stack challenge video.

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Get a behind-the-scenes look into Caterpillar Inc.'s new Built for It Trials - Stack video.

Find out some of the interesting facts from the making of the “Stack” video:

  • Although all of the operators were excited to be included in the “Stack” film, they admitted there were some “nerves” in play before they took to the seats of their equipment.
  • By the time shooting was set to begin, any nervousness the operators may have had was long gone. Each and every one of them wanted to tackle the most difficult maneuvers, because they were certain they could make the equipment do whatever was asked of their machine.
  • So that the blocks would “slide” out of their slots more fluidly, the crew sprinkled all of them with the same wax used on a shuffleboard table to allow game pucks to slide.
  • The crew purchased every can of shuffleboard wax available for purchase within a 40-mile radius of the film set—72 cans in all.
  • All totaled, the blocks making up the stack weighed over 8 tons.
  • The arena used as the stage for the challenge was larger than two regulation-size NFL football fields.
  • To capture all of the action, the crew positioned two of the 12 Go Pro cameras on the ground, where they fully expected both of them to sustain substantial damage. Remarkably, both cameras missed having any of the 600 pound blocks fall directly on them—one was missed by less than an inch.
  • The game took approximately 28 hours to play and have been edited down to the 2.5 minute video.
  • To our knowledge this is the largest game like this ever played.