SDLG wheel loaders withstand long days and harsh operating conditions at Indian seaport

SDLG wheel loaders are durably designed to enable productivity around the clock at a seaport in Southern India.

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The Krishnapatnam Port in Southern India never sleeps. An army of machines handle thousands of tons of coal, cement, wheat and other cargo every hour. And one contractor has noted the benefits of SDLG wheel loaders that perform 20 hours a day, without fail, delivering fast payback and excellent value.

India has long been considered one of the fastest growing maritime trade markets in the world, specializing in bulk commodities and containerized trade. India’s largest east-coast gateway is the rapidly growing Krishnapatnam Port – owned and operated by Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited (KPCL). It covers an area of 4,553 acres, and is becoming international traders’ first choice for the handling of coal, cement, grain and other cargo.

The Indian government is investing in developing the port to handle larger capacities – and given its location, climate and world-class facilities, it will come as no surprise to see the port become one of the largest in the country in the coming years. Current estimates expect cargo to multiply from current levels of around 75 million tons per annum to an impressive 200 million tons by 2020. But as cargo comes and goes around the clock, contractors require robust and reliable machinery to continue loading and unloading like clockwork.

Fast payback from productive equipment

Varhakhe Services is contracted by KPCL to handle the loading and haulage of cargo at the port. The company has a fleet of 18 wheel loaders from leading Chinese manufacturer, Shandong Lingong Machinery Co., Ltd. (known as Lingong).  

“Twenty hours a day, 500 hours a month – every SDLG wheel loader runs like a factory,” explains Sreeram Varhakhe, owner of Varhakhe Services. “In fact, their level of productivity and performance constantly send me to the bank - smiling!”

And, Varhakhe has been so impressed with the Chinese-manufactured loaders that he is planning to order a further five units in the near future.

SDLG wheel loaders are manufactured using advanced technology and lean manufacturing techniques to guarantee the highest quality equipment at a lower cost. The Varhakhe Services fleet is a mix of LG958L and LG936L wheel loader units. The 5 t capacity LG958L has a 3 m3 bucket and an operating weight of 19 t. It features a Deutz 7 L, six-cylinder engine with a rated power of 160 kW. Its maximum break force is 18,355 kg. The machine features ZF transmission and a single-lever hydraulic control system. Its operator-friendly cab offers all-round visibility and a modern fit design.

The LG936L wheel loader features a 1.8 m3 bucket and has an operating weight of 10.7 t. Designed with an intelligent power-shift transmission, the SDLG LG936L offers high power with a loading capacity of 3 t. It features a Tier 4 Deutz engine for optimized fuel saving. By designing robust and cost effective machines, SDLG is focused on giving its customers greater output for a lower cost. And Sreeram Varhakhe is one customer who’s experienced that faster payback in real time.

“You effectively recover your investment in faster time,” says Varhakhe. “That’s how good the machines are – winners all the way!”

Varhakhe Services purchased all 18 of its SDLG units in a three month period, underlining the immediate impact they had on the company.

Service that can be counted on

With demand for equipment to work around the clock, Vahakhe finds that support from his local dealer is essential in ensuring that machines are always on hand.

“In a time-bound business where you simply have to stick to schedules no matter what, it all boils down to people – we share a deep and trusting relationship with SDLG,” he says. “Thanks largely to the service that SDLG provides, our machine downtime is negligible.”

SDLG has partnered with Hyderabad-based distribution partner, Detroit Mining & Construction Equipment Pvt Ltd, to offer aftermarket service to customers in the region.

“I really couldn’t have hoped for better people or machines to work with,” Varhakhe continues.

As KCPL continues to expand, so too will Varhakhe Services to deliver good value loading and unloading solutions at the port.

“I promise only what I can deliver, then deliver more than I promised – just like SDLG,” says Varhake.