NICOLAS recieves Supply Star award from Technip

NICOLAS and its Reel Carrier have been acknowledged by Technip with a supplier award for enabling easier transport of large drums of hoses and cabels.

Nicolas Reel Carrier

Each year, Technip presents its best and most reliable suppliers with the "Supply Star" award. The key criteria are overall performance, reliability, responsiveness and risk management. In the process, various suppliers from service providers to raw material suppliers are evaluated. NICOLAS has good reason to stand out when one just considers the dimensions of the supplied product: the NICOLAS Reel Carrier is approximately 25 meters high and up to 20 meters wide, and is used to move drums of off and on-shore hose and cables at Technip facilities. In spite of its huge dimensions, the Reel Carrier must be able to position the loads with pinpoint accuracy. Electronic controls provide the necessary precision and facilitate a range of driving maneuvers in order to optimize in-plant processes. NICOLAS reel carriers are used worldwide and are known for their reliability and excellent workmanship.

"The Supply Star Award is confirmation of our strategy at NICOLAS regarding product development, quality and customer service," said Sebastien Porteu, Managing Director at NICOLAS, when receiving the prize from the hands of David Deniau, Project Procurement Manager at Technip. "Our Reel Carrier ensures efficient and cost-effective operational procedures at Technip which are characterized by high quality and reliability. The fact this is being acknowledged today and that Technip has been extremely satisfied with our vehicles for many years now, this is motivation indeed for all employees at NICOLAS. We will continue to give 150% in the future in order to provide our valued customer, Technip, with the best possible product."