Potain to feature new MCT 85 tower crane at 2014 Concrete Show South America

Manitowoc will feature its new 5.5 US ton capacity Potain MCT 85 tower crane at the 2014 Concrete Show South America.


Manitowoc and Locabens Equipment will showcase the new 5 t (5.5 USt) capacity Potain MCT 85 tower crane at the 2014 Concrete Show South America in São Paulo, Brazil (booth E185). The event is the largest of its kind in the region and takes place August 27 to 29 at the Imigrantes Exhibit & Convention Center. More than 30,000 visitors are expected to attend.

The MCT 85 is the successor to the MCi 85, which held the worldwide title of Potain’s best-selling tower crane for more than a decade.

Didier Bigay, Manitowoc’s Tower Crane Regional Sales Manager for South America, says the MCT 85 offers a number of enhancements in design and functionality that makes it the most advanced topless tower crane available to Brazil. 

“The Potain MCT 85 offers maximum performance for a variety of projects, due to its high working speed and operational versatility,” he says. “Its special features include low-noise emission, simplified assembly, broad load curves and low power consumption.”

The MCT 85 has a maximum jib length of 52 m (171 ft.) and a tip load of 1.1 t (1.2 USt). It can also be purchased through Finame, a low-interest financing option made available by BNDES, Brazil’s development bank.

“Potain is known for its reliability and functionality, a reputation shared with other Manitowoc-brand cranes,” says Paulo Carvalho, Locabens Sales Director. “Potain customers are not only purchasing a product from Locabens, they’re buying a solution as well.”

With more than 55 years in the construction equipment business, Locabens has been Potain’s specialist in Brazil for 15 years. The rental company provides a large array of rental and support services to customers in the area. Customers there can rely on first-rate technical support, available in any part of the country or region, says Carvalho.

Potain MCT 85 tower cranes are assembled at Manitowoc’s facility in Passo Fundo, Brazil, bringing the product closer to its customer base in Latin America. The region has seen sustained growth in construction over the past decade, in part due to the construction of arenas for sporting events in Brazil such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup, energy projects in Mexico and Colombia, plus other investments in infrastructure around the region, such as new airports and bridges.

Bigay says Potain cranes enjoy an enviable reputation for quality in Latin America and provide superior lifting options to customers in the region.

“Countries like Brazil, Chile and Peru have ambitious timetables for construction over the next five years,” he says. “Therefore customers who can ensure projects progress more efficiently will have a considerable advantage.”

Some of the MCT 85 features include:

  • Efficient erection
  • Mono block counter jib with win sail plates that can be folded for transport
  • City design: rope reeving is carried out on the ground
  • Mast adopts standard bases of MC range
  • Modular jib with lengths from 20 to 52 m (66 to 171 ft.)
  • Tip load of 1.4 t at 50 m (1.5 USt at 164 ft.) and 1.1 t at 52 m (1.2 USt at 171 ft.)
  • Free standing height of up to 44.6 m (146 ft.) height under hook
  • Optional features include cab AC, dialog visual indicators and wind anemometer, and automatic cartridge lubrication