New Massey Ferguson 7700 Series tractors feature Tier 4 Final engines offering up to 255 hp

Tier 4 Final engines in the new Massey Ferguson 7700 Series tractors are available in 185 to 255 hp ratings, and feature turbochargers with new electronic wastegates to provide good engine response and high torque at all rpms.

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Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation, introduces the powerful and efficient 7700 Series tractors. The 7700 Series features AGCO POWER 6.6- and 7.4-liter diesel engines, a redesigned front-axle suspension, increased hydraulic performance, and easy-to-use guidance technology.

"These multipurpose tractors match rugged iron with plenty of performance-boosting features," says Conor Bergin, Product Marketing Manager for AGCO High-Horsepower Tractors. "Farmers looking for an adaptable tractor built for long workdays will find just what they need in the 7700 Series. They're nimble enough for easy loader work, powerful enough to handle a large square baler, and they have the hydraulic capacity to run a 16-row planter."

With five models ranging from 185 to 255 max engine hp, a choice of two available transmissions and upgraded hydraulic options, farmers can match the right configuration to their operation.

More muscle for getting work done
The Tier 4 Final, six-cylinder AGCO POWER 6.6- and 7.4-liter diesel engines powering the 7700 Series feature upgrades to increase productivity. Turbochargers with new electronic wastegates anticipate power needs, providing unbeatable engine response and high torque at all rpms. The Engine Power Management (EPM) system delivers a power boost of up to 25 hp in demanding PTO, hydraulic and transport applications.

Additional enhancements include a new engine control unit (ECU) for precise operations, a new throttle valve for faster warm-ups, and a higher-pressure fuel injection system that delivers cleaner combustion, together eliminating the need for a diesel particulate filter. The new CYCLAIR cooling package enhances cooling efficiency without increasing system size.

"Farmers will appreciate the compact design of the CYCLAIR package because it pairs a high-capacity cooling system and air conditioner condenser with a sleek hood and grill for maximum engine airflow, uncompromised sight lines and a cool, comfortable ride," Bergin notes. "This is great for farmers working long days in the field."

Transmission options and hydraulic upgrades
The 7700 Series can be customized to meet the needs of all farm operation sizes, with a choice of two transmission packages with generous hydraulic capacity, the Dyna-6 Partial Powershift or the Dyna-VT CVT transmission. Both systems boost efficiency and operation ease with convenient features such as Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) and programmable cruise speeds.

The Dyna-6 Partial Powershift transmission is available with 29 or 39 gpm hydraulic pump, providing six powershift gears within four push-button main ranges. A wide range of speeds provides optimal performance and fuel economy, while speed-matching and AutoDrive allow clutchless control for swift gear and range changes.

The Dyna-VT CVT transmission is available for more demanding applications. With infinite operating speeds and an upgraded 50-GPM hydraulic system, it supplies the precision and capability needed for larger implements.

"Our goal is to provide farmers a machine that has extremely low operating costs," explains Bergin. "With DTM engaged, the system synchronizes engine speed and transmission ratio, allowing the engine to run at lower speeds, supply optimum power and reduce fuel consumption."

Solid traction
The 7700 Series has more than double the front-suspension travel of previous models, putting more power to the ground for reduced wheel slippage and power hop in the field. When towing heavy loads on the road, the front suspension provides greater steering control at higher speeds. Push-button control lets operators adjust suspension to match the task at hand.

The 7700 Series can be ballasted to over 30,000 pounds to help put power to the ground. The new front monobloc weight system offers farmers a choice of 1,984-pound or 3,306-pound weights.

Simple technology setup
The straightforward design with convenient controls and oversized screens makes operation easy from day one. All models feature fully integrated Auto-Guide 3000, with handy Go Mode activation. The new front dash display features a color setup and information screen (SIS) that is 50% larger with 10 times greater resolution and larger fonts.

New quality-assurance testing at Jackson, MN facility
Starting fall of 2014, Massey Ferguson and Challenger tractors built in Jackson must pass three new quality-assurance tests before being delivered to dealers and farmers. The new end-of-line tests — a jounce test, PTO dynamometer test and chassis dynamometer test — ensure each tractor to come off the line performs at or above engineering specification and is ready to work hard for farmers.

The new quality-assurance testing area is part of a three-year, $42 million upgrade and expansion to the AGCO engineering and manufacturing facility in Jackson. The motivation behind the project, which kicked off in 2013, is to further improve the quality of the agricultural equipment built there, as well as the efficiency and production capacity of the facility.

The new Massey Ferguson 7700 Series high-horsepower tractor will be on display at the 2014 Farm Progress Show, August 26 to 28, in Boone, IA — Lot 1002 in the northeast quadrant.