Case IH introduces 2015 Farmall tractors and hay and forage tools

The new Case IH 2015 Farmall lineup includes a variety of features to help farmers be more productive in the field, including newly designed cabs with better-positioned lighting for reduced eye strain when working at night.

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Promising to provide the best options to professional producers, big and small, Case IH announced its 2015 lineup of Farmall tractors and hay and forage tools this month.

“Feed is the livestock producer’s greatest expense,” says Thomas Beason, Livestock Marketing Manager at Case IH. “And hay and forages often comprise a large portion of that bill. It makes sound business sense to put up a high-quality product and then handle and feed it efficiently. The right equipment is critical.” That’s where Case IH comes in.

At the introduction of the 2015 lineup of Farmall and hay and forage products, Case IH Director of Marketing Eric Weaver emphasized the company’s complete, innovative equipment and service offering.

“We are so well-known for our high horsepower offerings,” Weaver said. “But our Farmall and hay and forage products help make us the premier full-line equipment manufacturer in North America. From Farmall tractors to Axial-Flow combines, Case IH can meet the power and equipment needs of today’s producer, no matter how unique or specialized.”

Weaver pointed to national spring and summer Farmall hay and forage sales events as an example of the company spotlighting utility tractors and hay tools. He also noted a commitment to elevate producers’ experience at the dealer level.

“Our dealers are the face of Case IH,” Weaver said. “We embrace that and empower them to serve their customers. We’ve established new processes so we can more quickly respond to our dealers as they address their customers’ needs. We will provide a proactive, full-line experience that producers simply cannot get anywhere else.” 

Livestock, hay and forage lineup for 2015

From cutting to conditioning and from baling to operator comfort and product support, Case IH continues its focus on meeting livestock and hay producers’ needs through innovations designed to help them achieve an optimum harvest that yields peak-quality hay.

“No matter how you prefer to cut hay or package hay, Case IH offers a growing lineup of innovative equipment to harvest and handle this important feedstuff, along with a broad mix of tractors designed to meet the individual needs of your operation,” Beason explained.

Hardworking tractors get new, styled roof top, better lighting

For Model Year 2015, Case IH has made its already best-in-class cab better. The full line of compact and utility tractors — including Puma, Maxxum and Farmall series — from Case IH features a new styled roof top and new lighting packages. The roof top brings a sleek new look and better-positioned lighting for reduced eye strain when working into the night.

“Caring for livestock is not a sunup to sundown job. Neither is putting up hay,” Beason explained. “Our cabs always have featured excellent visibility. These new lighting options will help ensure optimum visibility ’round the clock.”

New lighting packages offer optional HID or LED lights at different intensities, including a 360-degree LED setup for superior nighttime operation.

Tractors suited to power any situation
Farmall 100A Series (110 to 140 gross hp).
These tractors are tough, reliable, remarkably versatile and an excellent value. The easy-to-use controls allow the operator to get in and go, and the comfortable operator environment makes a long day seem shorter. Farmall 100A series tractors are now Tier 4 Final compliant, using the same smart, simple Case IH FPT Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-only exhaust aftertreatment systems that you find on all Case IH high horsepower equipment.

Farmall U Series (90 to 98 power take off (PTO) hp). These tractors are hardworking, heavy-duty, premium utility tractors with high-capacity hydraulics to handle any application. Full power, comfort and features make them ideal for demanding livestock duties, larger hay operations and heavy loader work.

Farmall C Series (65 to 98 PTO hp). Farmall C Series tractors are built to deliver the power and performance reliably and cost-effectively. And they deliver a level of operator comfort that makes long, hard days a lot more productive.

Farmall Compact C Series (32 to 47 gross hp). Farmall Compact C Series is a new line of Tier 4 Final compliant premium compact tractors. They offer more fuel capacity to run longer with less emissions. The larger operator’s platform offers easier access and exit. The deluxe seat offers increased comfort with an adjustable backrest and armrests. The seat mounts on an inclined plane, which is ideal for taller operators. The tractors offer excellent all-around visibility from the operator’s seat plus improved rear visibility of the drawbar, PTO and three-point hitch. Larger 17.5L-24 R4 industrial tires offered on Class 3 models provide long life and a smoother ride on hard pavement.

Farmall A Series (39 to 66 PTO hp). Farmall A Series tractors are no-nonsense machines with a simple mechanical transmission and dependable, fuel-efficient engines. Rugged, reliable and easy to operate, they offer plenty of power and hydraulics for loading, blading, tilling and mowing.

Puma Series. The Puma Series is an efficient, multipurpose tractor line with just the right size and power to handle a variety of tasks. With PTO hp ranging from 105 to 205, the new generation of Puma tractors delivers big-iron power, performance and comfort — plus outstanding features and technology, such as the fuel-saving Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Maxxum Series. Case IH Maxxum series tractors combine efficient power with operator convenience to handle the large workload and multiple tasks of livestock operations, rowcrop applications and roadside and mowing and farmstead upkeep. Featuring Tier 4 B/Final-compliant power, Maxxum series tractors are available with PTO hp ranging from 90 to 120.

New windrowers offer more horsepower and greater efficiency

The new Case IH WD4 windrowers offer industry-leading horsepower combined with Case IH Efficient Power technology. The 4-cylinder WD1504 and the 6-cylinder WD2104 and WD2504 deliver 150, 210 and 250 hp, respectively, and are equipped with our exclusive SCR-only exhaust after-treatment technology to meet Tier 4 Final emissions requirements.

The WD4 Series windrowers offer a factory-installed autoguidance system through the Case IH AFS Pro 700 control center to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue.

“Windrowers can be among the most difficult pieces of equipment to drive,” Beason said. “Case IH has made it much easier with AFS autoguidance and a new hydraulic steering system with fewer linkages and pivot joints. Operators will appreciate the improved drivability in the field, as well as the great steering responsiveness on the road, which creates the ability to operate at higher road speeds.”

WD4 series windrowers now can top out at 24 mph on the road — the fastest in the industry — so operators can get to one more field before calling it a day.

Draper headers that cover more acres faster 
Case IH DH3 series draper headers for windrowers help producers cover more acres faster and more efficiently with a 40-foot header. A shallow, angled top section offers higher throughput capacity, crop feeding and crop flow.

The draper heads’ agronomic design also protects crop quality. A two-circuit hydraulic system offers more consistent flow and power across the header for a more even crop feed, resulting in more consistent, well-formed windrows.

A heavy-duty frame design with larger reel arms and increased strength also helps improve crop feeding. And the rugged Case IH cutterbar offers additional protection, even in harsh conditions.

Disc mower conditioners simplify the path to high-quality hay
Case IH DC3 series disc mower conditioners are designed to improve drydown for better hay quality and higher profits. A cutterbar design with wide discs cuts closer and cleaner, getting more hay in windrows and leaving less hay in the field. Larger-diameter discs improve crop flow and windrow consistency.

Designed for easy, uninterrupted use, the DC3 series disc mower conditioners have lightweight, impact-resistant plastic access doors, simplifying adjustments.

“Adjustments can be done in the field on the new disc mower conditioners,” Beason said. “Alterations to the conditioners, swath doors and swath board don’t even require tools.”

Innovative shielding minimizes the opportunity for material to build up, and a simplified drive system helps to minimize horsepower consumption and maintenance needs.

Get more hay in customizable bales
New for 2015 is the RB5 series round baler, which delivers 20% more capacity than its predecessor and is available in three sizes — the RB455 (4x5-foot bale), RB465 (4x6-foot bale) and RB565 (5x6-foot bale). To meet different needs of its producers, Case IH offers the RB455 and RB465 in four different configurations for hay, silage, rotor cutter and rotor feeder. The RB565 comes in three versions — hay, wide pickup and premium. 

“We now offer a baler to meet every different operation and application from dry hay to processed silage bales,” Beason said.  

The new overshot feeder is standard equipment on the hay, silage, wide pickup and premium configurations. It is located between the pick-up and bale chamber and creates a quick and even feed into the bale chamber. The rotor cutter and rotor feeder use an undershot feeder to more aggressively feed the crop into the bale chamber. 

“The big advantage of the under shot feeder is the hydraulic drop floor,” Beason explained. “If a producer was to plug his baler while baling silage or other wet rank crops, he can lower the hydraulic drop floor from the cab and allow the plug to clear. He doesn’t even have to leave the cab,” Beason said.

The new roller windguard and five bar pickup comb the crop off the ground for fast and even feeding.

The RB5 series balers are built to last. They feature redesigned pickup that has been strengthened from the inside out. Other enhancements include double spider gears, solid line bars and rubber-mounted teeth that provide five times the wear life of previous generation teeth. Belt tracking and durability never has been better. Premium belts are available in a laced or endless design.

The baler also has been made easier to operate with the Case IH ISOBUS-compliant control system. Producers now can run the baler through the AFS Pro 700 control center in their tractor, featuring a simple layout and a large touch screen monitor.

“Over the last couple of years, Case IH has added several other new products to the Case IH livestock, hay and forage product lines to better meet producers’ unique needs,” Beason noted. “From tractors to cutting equipment to the LB4 large square baler, we truly offer a one-stop shop for today’s producers.”