McNeilus delivers 40 CNG-powered ready-mix trucks to Argos USA

McNeilus has delivered 40 of its CNG-powered Brigemaster ready-mix trucks to Argos USA.


McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company, has delivered 40 McNeilus Bridgemaster ready-mix trucks to multinational Argos USA. The vehicles, which feature McNeilus’ industry-leading Next Generation (NGEN) compressed natural gas (CNG) systems (engineered and fully tested at the McNeilus campus), represent the first-ever CNG trucks placed into service by Argos.

“The new McNeilus CNG mixers are extremely quiet – it’s eerie how quiet they are compared to a traditional 12-liter diesel. Other than that, our drivers don’t notice any difference,” says Daryl Mizell, Argos USA Sourcing Manager. “We are exploring options to expand our CNG fleet, and are vetting other metropolitan markets where we compete. I believe CNG will be well-received anywhere we go.”

Twenty of the new vehicles are now on the job with Argos operations in Houston, and the remaining 20 will serve customers from facilities surrounding Dallas. Argos is completing final construction on dedicated fueling stations – each with 25 fill posts – in Dallas and Houston. The Argos CNG trucks plug in at the end of each shift and time-fill overnight. (The fuel control module is designed for either fast-filling or time-filling to fit customer preferences.)

“CNG-powered vehicles are transforming the industry, and these first units for Argos are a prime example of the shift to alternative-fuel powered ready-mixed concrete trucks,” says Brad Nelson, Oshkosh Corporation Senior Vice President and President of the Commercial business segment. “We’re proud to be a major player in this movement toward a more environmentally friendly, domestically produced, lower-cost fuel.”

The identical mixer vehicles are a five-axle configuration, outfitted with an 11-cubic yard McNeilus drum and Bridgemaster tag axle. Each of the trucks features a 60 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) fuel tank, an automatic transmission, an anti-roll stability system, and wireless mixer controls.

Engineered with both the operator and the service team in mind, McNeilus NGEN CNG systems are designed for the rugged ready-mix concrete environment. The plumbing system is built with precision-formed high-pressure lines, compression fittings, and fewer connection points to deliver more consistent and reliable fuel flow. The lightweight, natural gas vehicle (NGV) Type 4 tanks and long-lasting fuel storage pods feature all-aluminum tank covers.