Volvo Trucks delivers 1,000th Volvo Autohauler (VAH) model

Volvo Trucks has delivered its 1,000th VAH Model to Auto Transporter Hansen & Adkins.

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Volvo Trucks in North America recently delivered its 1,000th Volvo Autohauler (VAH) model to Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport. Developed exclusively for the automobile transport business, the VAH maximizes payload capacity while bringing the value of Volvo’s legendary safety, efficiency and driver productivity to this highly specialized market.

The milestone truck, a Volvo D11-powered VAH 200 model, was presented to Hansen & Adkins President Louie Adkins and Executive Vice President Steve Hansen during a ceremony at Volvo Trucks’ North American headquarters in Greensboro, NC.

“Having been involved with the VAH since its inception, it’s nice to commemorate this milestone,” Hansen says. “Auto transport requires a very specific vehicle configuration – low height and short bumper-to-back-of-cab – and Volvo has been responsive in working with us to continue refining the VAH to meet our needs. It’s well accepted by our drivers, who note its comfort."

“We are pleased to recognize Hansen & Adkins with the 1,000th Volvo VAH,” says Göran Nyberg, President, Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. “Understanding that payload is key for auto transporters, we designed the Volvo Autohauler’s dimensions to maximize the size and number of vehicles that can be carried in each load. The VAH combines maximum payload capacity with Volvo’s hallmarks of safety, efficiency and driver productivity, contributing to a better return on investment for our customers.”

Delivery of the 1,000th VAH highlights the series’ increasing popularity among auto transporters, a small niche market. Volvo Trucks initially introduced the VAH model in March 2011.

All VAH models include a package of unique features that reduce overall height to provide the ultimate in loading flexibility. Deep-drop front axles, low-height Volvo Air Ride rear suspensions and reduced-height cab options all contribute to lower overall height, offering the flexibility to position a car, pick-up or minivan over the truck’s cab. A clean top-of-frame behind the VAH cab expedites body mounting and eases trailer hookup.

“The VAH model and its success has truly been a collaborative effort, working alongside customers to help meet their specific operating needs for this niche market,” says Steve Boyer, President of Fontaine Vocational Services, which has worked closely with Volvo from the beginning on development of the VAH and its ongoing enhancements.

With a coast-to-coast operating area spanning 29 terminals in 21 states, Los Alamitos, CA-based Hansen & Adkins serves all of the U.S.-based auto brands, many of the European and Asian brands, as well as numerous used car accounts. The company transports nearly two million vehicles annually, using a fleet of 884 trucks with an average age of less than five years.

In addition to the VAH 200 daycab model for local hauling, the VAH series also includes the VAH 430 model with a 42-inch sleeper and full-size bunk for regional haul operations.