KAMAG industrial lift transporter protects its cargo from the elements

The specially designed KAMAG Industrial Lift Transporter 3800 carries cargo under the vehicle to keep it protected from the weather when moving across a manufacturer's premises.

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With its 70 ton payload, the KAMAG Type 3800 recently began operations at the Austrian specialist manufacturer of aluminum rolled products, AMAG Rolling. The industrial lift transporter moves aluminum plates and coils on pallets - whilst being protected from the weather - within the plant and transports them reliably and quickly between furnace, rolling mill and the storage area. 

The KAMAG Industrial Lift Transporter 3800 is a specially-designed machine with a hydraulic lifting device which is suitable for transporting heavy loads particularly within large industrial installations. Supported loads can be driven under the vehicle. With the lifting device, the load is raised and can be lowered at any selected point without the help of a crane or other lifting equipment. The benefits for AMAG Rolling: faster and trouble-free transport within the plant premises, guaranteed protection of the products from the weather by accommodating the load on the inside of the vehicle, as well as improved safety for the operating personnel. The electronic all-wheel steering system of the Type 3800 allows various steering modes such as diagonal, circular and transverse drive, thus guaranteeing an unmatched maneuverability in daily operations. "With our broad range of expertise in the logistics sector for the non-ferrous metal industry, we can help our customers time and again to gain an advantage over their competitors," says Herbert Jauch, Area Manager Sales at TII Sales, the sales arm of the TII Group which incorporates SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG as well as the newly-founded TII Energy.