New Holland Braud grape and olive harvesters now available in North America

New Holland's Braud grape and olive harvesters, produced in France, are now available in North America directly from New Holland dealers.

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New Holland Braud grape and olive harvesters have been synonymous with the best harvesting quality since their introduction to the market in 1975. Now, they are available in North America directly from select New Holland dealers.

“For the past 40 years, Braud grape harvesters have been sold in North America exclusively through a distibutor,” says Ron Shaffer, New Holland’s Director of Growth Initiatives, Institutional & Specialty Sales. “Beginning in January 2015, they will be available directly from select New Holland dealers, and will be backed with parts and factory-trained service support from these dealers. In addition to grape harvesters, many vineyards also utilize tractors and other equipment in their operations, so we feel it is smart to offer customers the resources of this complete range of viticultural equipment through their local New Holland dealer.”

The harvesters are manufactured in Coex, France, and are supported by New Holland’s world-class parts distribution system. The five models, which vary in frame size and capacity, include the 9040M, 9060L, 9090L, 9090X Vine, and 9090X Olive. They complement New Holland’s line of speciality tractors for vineyards, orchards and groves, including T4V and T4F Series narrow tractors and TK4000 track tractors, which are designed to fit between tight rows and provide confidence on hillsides and slopes.

Best harvesting quality
Following a 40-year tradition of excellence and innovation, the Braud harvesters revolutionize harvesting with a high-performance five-model grape and olive harvester series, offering leading professionals a complete change in the way they manage their operations and business.

The Braud harvesters take advantage of this DNA, made of the SDC shaking system with flexible rod fixation, unrivalled Noria basket system and true multipurpose versatility. By delivering features such as the larger conveying system and fans that improve the cleaning, and the best on-board separator-destemmer, the Braud grape harvesters offer wine producers a complete, advanced yet easy-to-manage system.  

Opti-Grape technology: up to five times better cleaning performance
The award-winning Opti-Grape technology uses a system that is unique in the industry. The Opti-Grape system underwent rigorous field testing, both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres and when compared to traditional cleaning technologies, the Opti-Grape system dramatically reduces MOG (material other than grapes) levels by up to five times, with MOG content as low as 0.1%.

The system delivers an air cushioned blowing surface: a rotary turbine blows air through a fine mesh to eliminate all material other than grape (MOG) before it falls down into the hopper. Situated at the end of the cleaning system and above the hopper, the driver adapts the air cushion’s strength by changing the turbine speed depending on the desired quality of sorting. As a result, the driver can directly adjust the quality of grape cleanliness from the cab through the IntelliView monitor.

Enhanced harvesting efficiency
The Braud 9090X Olive can enhance harvesting efficiency by up to 20%. It features a shaker frame that has been engineered by design to adapt to the shape of the tree, its age and even its yield. The harvesting head can work in three dimensions and both guides and clamps the foliage to ensure a smooth flow into the patented Noria baskets, which subsequently convey the olives into the hoppers.

New Holland’s renowned shaker system, with 2 x 21 high-power shakers, has been specifically developed to overcome the significant resistance forces encountered when harvesting olives from trees.

More power, more performance, less fuel
With power on the Braud 9000 Series ranging from 141 to 175 hp and the choice of 4 or 6 cylinder displacement, the common rail electronic 100% biodiesel ready Fiat PowerTrain engines deliver unmatched performance and economy in conjunction with Intelligent Management System. The award-winning Intelligent Management System allows the engine speed rate to be set up by the electronic controls and continuously adjusted by the machine itself, reaching an average 35% fuel savings.

Ultimate comfort
The cabs are suspended, soundproofed, ventilated, pressurized, waterproof, heated and air-conditioned. The narrow steering column increases the visibility while the seat provides operators with first-class comfort, enabling them to face even the longest hours of harvesting with ease.

True ease of operation
On the Braud 9000 Series, the IntelliView III in-cab touchscreen monitor can display and set up all the machine functions by means of several customizable pages. Fully ISO BUS compatible, it can be used to operate a range of multifunction equipment and sprayers. This eliminates the need for a separate control and reduces the time to switch between jobs.