Antonio Carraro exhibiting latest tractor models at SITEVI 2015

Among the tractors Antonio Carraro will display at SITEVI are the new T Major Series and the TGF with the cab Protector featuring Category 4 pressurization.

TGF Ergot 100 tractor with Protector cab
TGF Ergot 100 tractor with Protector cab
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Antonio Carraro comes to Montpellier with an incredible charge of optimism. In a very positive year for SITEVI, the Campodarsego producer brings up the excellence of specialized tractors. After the start of production in September, the brand-new T MAJOR SERIES will arrive at the French agricultural exhibition with the articulated SN 5800 V Major, the track-and-wheel steering reversible MACH 2 and the Tractor of the Moment, the TGF with the cab Protector, the only low profile with certified Category 4 pressurization.

SN V MAJOR – The isodiametric, articulated tractor SN V offers ergonomy, reliability and versatility in a simple, safe and efficient machine. The aggressive design (smooth lines, wrap-around fenders and flush sides) supports its agility. The tight steering radius and the comfortable, obstacle-free driving seat are the top features offered by SN, along with several hydraulic and tire options. Available versions: SN 5800 V – 50 hp, 4 cylinder Yanmar engine; SN 6400 V – 56 hp, 3 cylinder Turbo VM.

TGF ERGIT S/ERGIT 100 – Mention at both Agrilevante Technical Innovation Contest (Bari, Italy) and SITEVI Palmarès de l’Innovation; Tractor of The Year 2016 – Best of Specialized Finalist; TGF is gathering consent all across Europe. It is the super low profile Antonio Carraro tractor, built to work with agility in narrow lines and low canopy, granting very narrow turning radius. It is the ideal tractor for working in the thickest orchards, in tendone vineyards, inside greenhouses and steep grounds, even with great side slopes. Its cabin, Protector 100, is the only low cabin with certified Category 4 pressurization, the best insulation level ever achieved in an agricultural tractor. Available versions: 9900 Ergit 100 (89 hp), 10900 Ergit 100 (99 hp)

MACH - The Antonio Carraro absolute top range, with MACH 2 – steering, 20 in. front wheels and rear rubber twin-tracks – and MACH 4 – rubber quad-track, articulated chassis. Both reversible, designed for extreme conditions: grounds with critical grip, ill weather, impervious slopes where wheeled and traditional tracked tractors do not dare. The rubber track system allows a ground compacting lower than the human footprint. Both tractors are available also with StarLight cab and the top of the Antonio Carraro options. Engine: Yanmar 4 cylinder 87 cv turbo.

TRH 9800 – Isodiametric, steering, multi-functional tractor, with reversible guide system and hydrostatic transmission with electronically controlled continuous speed variation. Speed, acceleration and PTO rotation electronically controlled. Proportional joystick available for lifting system and devices management. Available also with StarLight cab, tapered, for low canopy and slopes operation, plus several options (wheels, hydraulic systems, comfort devices). Excellent cost/benefit ratio.

SRH 9800 Infinity – It is an 87 hp, reversible, narrow tractor with articulated chassis and an innovative hydrostatic transmission – two mechanical ranges with three hydralic speeds each, insertable also in motion, with no pace interruption. The Eco system maintains the maximum speed at low rotation. A dynamic machine which offers endless working speeds, in both precise or long movements and in operations demanding preset speeds. ESC device for independent control of PTO rotation and working speed. A compact, maneuverable, highly specialized tractor, the best for precision operations.