Terramac Displaying 360 Degree Rotating Crawler Carrier at MINExpo 2016

The upper frame of Terramac's RT14R rotates a full 360 degrees for improved productivity in confined mining operations.

Terramac will promote its customizable crawler carriers in various mining applications.
Terramac will promote its customizable crawler carriers in various mining applications.
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Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber track crawler carriers, is preparing for an exciting exhibit at MINExpo 2016. Terramac will showcase its rotating unit and promote its crawler carriers in various mining applications at booth #4639.

“Rubber track technology and attachment customizations are the greatest features that set Terramac units apart from other vehicles,” says Matt Slater, Director of Sales. “We’re excited to exhibit the versatility Terramac crawler carriers provide in the mining industry and we look forward to a successful show.”

Terramac’s newest model, the RT14R, will be highlighted at MinExpo. Built with a rugged upper frame that rotates a full 360 degrees, the RT14R conquers the most sensitive and confined mining jobs. The RT14R’s unique rotational functionality enables it to haul and offload up to 28,000 lbs. of material at any angle and on the go for increased efficiency while reducing ground disturbance and undercarriage wear. Applications of the RT14R include dam and levee work, settling pond construction, site maintenance as well as end of mine life activities such as water way restoration, soil reclamation and re-vegetation.

Terramac will also promote the unique attachment capabilities of the RT9 and RT14 straight frame models. Both units provide endless opportunities for customization with various types of mining support equipment, such as spray booms and cranes. Terramac crawler carriers exert minimal ground pressure, making them ideal for tailings pond management, travel on leach pads, exploration drilling and safe personnel transport.