IC Bus Unveils The Next Stop Initiative to Explore Future of Bus Designs

IC Bus' The Next Stop initiative will take a collaborative approach to bring together industry and the public to imagine what the future of bus designs will be.

IC Bus has launched a new initiative, The Next Stop, aimed at imagining the needs of the bus industry's future. Through a collaborative approach, IC Bus will lead the way in bringing together the brightest minds of the industry to map out the road ahead.

"This initiative reflects our commitment to lead, innovate and revolutionize the bus industry as a leading manufacturer of school buses," says Trish Reed, Vice President and General Manager, IC Bus. "As technology advances the pace of change, IC Bus is a value driven company poised to cultivate and model the best solutions to the current and future demands of the school bus industry. We hear what people say—that they want safe, renewable, technology-driven transportation solutions for their buses—and the fact is, we agree."

The campaign includes an Imagination Contest for students K-8 and an Innovation Summit to generate collaboration among industry thought leaders and innovators.

  • Imagination Contest – What will the bus of the future look like? Who better to ask than our future visionaries? Details on the contest that will launch on September 15 will be posted online.
  • Innovation Summit – IC Bus will convene a cross section of industry thought leaders in early 2017 at the Navistar world headquarters in Lisle, IL, for a conference to cultivate and bring to market imaginative, challenging and big ideas—all with the goal of demonstrating the future of the school bus industry.

"The Next Stop initiative facilitates dialogue with all the stakeholders in pupil transportation -- parents, students, customers and transportation partners alike," says Mark Johnson, Vice President, Marketing, Navistar. "We are committed to engaging these stakeholders through events, social media and other new marketing vehicles to collectively chart the path of the industry over the next decade."