Joy Global Introduces New Joy 22RU Cutter at MINExpo 2016

Joy Global's new 22RU cutter features a VFD traction system to provide variable tram speed and load sharing for reliable operating performance.

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Continuing to expand its offerings for the hard rock and industrial minerals markets, Joy Global announced the release of its new Joy 22RU cutter at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016.

The new cutter features the proven design of legacy Joy cutting mechanisms combined with an established, reliable traction driveline. This driveline has been completely redesigned from prior models and uses proven components, including VFD traction that provides variable tram speed and load sharing, to provide operators a reliable platform.

Improved mobility and performance is addressed by introducing crab steering - 22.5 degree steering angle either direction - which dramatically improves repositioning capability along the face to help increase productivity. A horizontal cable reel makes cable handling easier and helps improve safety.

The 22RU’s swing-out controller case and hydraulic module allow access to drivetrain and steering components. This new cutter offers versatility, as it can be used for both production and maintenance cutting.