New Atlas Copco Minetruck MT65 Offers Increased Tonnage Capacity

Atlas Copco's new Minetruck MT65 features a 65 tonne capacity and is ready for automation to help operators monitor production data in real time.

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Building on Atlas Copco’s years of experience in underground haulage around the globe, the new Minetruck MT65 offers superior performance in a compact profile. With 65 tonnes capacity and an effective powertrain, the Minetruck MT65 promises to dramatically increase productivity.

The new Minetruck MT65 can be distinguished from competitors based on several factors. For example, the increased tonnage capacity is higher than any other product in the underground haulage segment. It also comes with a market leading serviceability, where daily service points can be reached from ground level and is designed for easy service management.

Minetruck MT65 comes ready for automation, with capabilities of monitoring production data in real time from the operator cabin. It is also possible to extend the functionality by adding features such as load weighing and tire monitoring. When equipped with Atlas Copco Certiq, machine data can be collected, and utilized to optimize production, operation and maintenance.