HBK QuantumX MXFS Optical Interrogator

The MXFS is a fiber Bragg grating measurement device, which makes it easy to install and electromagnetically safe.

Quantum X Mxfs Small
Hbm 10056637

HBK has launched the QuantumX MXFS, an optical interrogator, which provides stability against external influences and a high-sensor capacity of 128 channels per device.

  • Easy to install
  • Well suited for engineers carrying out measurements within unpredictable environments, such as construction sites or laboratories
  • Fiber Bragg grating measurement device, based on the BraggMETER technology
  • Electromagnetically safe and suitable for use on long structures or remote locations
  • Flexibly designed and can be used as a single module or combined with other data devices from the QuantumX platform to form a larger system for projects requiring synchronized measurements from different sensor technologies
  • Can be integrated into systems with the most common communication protocols, which are required on long- term monitoring projects, such as battery testing and validation
  • Fully compatible with all modules from the QuantumX series due to: common API, LabView drivers and catman software

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