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With its integrated user interface, the diagnostic and maintenance function of Rexroth's BODAS-service software provides access to all parameters and process variables to the user in a clear manner for easy editing.
• Errors detected in the electronic system by the controller are communicated by the BODAS-service diagnostic function in plain text to easily recognize malfunctions
• Can be used to graphically display process variables, both instantaneously and as a function of time
• Records data
• System Scan feature queries all controllers connected to the diagnostic computer via CAN bus and RS232, clearly displays them on the screen and provides a better overview to detect and diagnose mulitple controllers simultaneously without having to plug them in one after the other, saving time and offering more flexibility in mobile use
• Diagnostic function based on RS232 standard and the standard CAN diagnostics architecture defined by the ASAM (Assn. for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems), ensures compatibility with current and future controllers
• Replaces the earlier BODEM


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