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Clean Air Power designs, develops and delivers compression-ignited natural gas engines for heavy-duty transport applications. Clean Air Power’s patented MicroPilot and Dual-Fuel technology enables engines to run on natural gas mixed with diesel (or any suitable combustion fuel) providing
the “spark” that ignites the gas. Substituting natural gas for diesel cuts fuel costs, emissions of carbon, nitrous oxide and particulates whilst retaining the original engine's power, efficiency and reliability characteristics. Clean Air Power operates in the US, Europe, Russia and Australia and has two commercial divisions:
Dual-Fuel Vehicle Systems
Delivery of patented Dual-Fuel systems which include fully-interfaced systems developed in partnership with truck manufacturers and the group’s Genesis-EDGE system, developed in-house as an aftermarket solution. Dual-Fuel is a type of system that adapt diesel engines to run on a combination of diesel and natural gas whilst retaining engine’s basic infrastructure. The division sells systems to truck manufacturers for on-line assembly, approved partners for aftermarket installation or direct to customers through its own installation facilities. The division also
undertakes design and development work for governments and truck manufacturers on Dual-Fuel and next-generation MicroPilot systems.
Design and manufacture of innovative hydraulic valves, injectors and filters for natural gas engines sold to truck manufacturers around the world.
Initially founded in the USA in 1991, around £50m has been invested in developing the technology with the result that 69 patents are currently held or pending. The holding company of the group is based in Bermuda with operational subsidiaries in the UK, the USA and Australia. The group was admitted to the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in February 2006.

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