L-Type Oil Drain Valve

Global Sales Group introduces its L-Type Oil Drain Valve for use in space-constrained applications.

Globalsalesgroup Ltypedrainval 11326373

Following the introduction of the EZ Oil Drain Valve with Hose connection for quick and easy oil change, Global Sales Group has added the L-Type Oil Drain Valve for using the hose in tight area applications.

  • Features 90-degree elbow to prevent hose kinking
  • Elbow is fully adjustable 360 degrees in any direction and can be secured with built-in lock nut
  • Hose end option available with 30 different sizes for use with any engine
  • Detachable 
  • Well suited for draining oil in limited space 
  • Oil is drained with a simple turn of the lever
  • Hose may be attached to the nipple end to drain oil away from the engine
  • Includes ball valve mechanism for leak-proof operation
  • Nickel plated for durability
  • O-ring seal improves sealing ability
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