BDS2 Bulk Diesel Coalescing Skid 2

Schroeder Industries' BDS2 Bulk Diesel Coalescing Skid 2 offers high flow for applications where large particulate, rust, water and scale are a concern.

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The BDS2 Bulk Diesel Coalescing Skid 2 from Schroeder Industries is a highly effective method to remove particulate and water from diesel fuels stored in bulk fuel tanks. 

  • Comprised of two QCF Coalescing Filter and one QL15 Particulate Filter  
  • Features three different filter housings which make it possible to achieve a maximum of 140 gpm
  • Meets bulk fuel quality and cleanliness needs of Tier 4 engine designs and use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Helps protect critical equipment and components
  • Well suited for bulk fuel filtration and power generation applications
  • Rated at 99.5% single pass efficiency
  • Capable of removing free water and particulate matter from petroleum-based fuels including ULSD 15, all blends of biodiesel and all blends of synthetic diesel
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