Bendix Water-Cooled Aluminum-Crankcase Air Compressors

At the Mid-America Trucking Show, Bendix introduced its latest air compressor technology featuring a water-cooled, aluminum-crankcase design that is 40% lighter than current models.

The next generation of Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC brand air compressors is engineered with a revolutionary design that is significantly lighter plus more compact, while also providing the lowest oil carryover rate. 

  • OE tested
  • Features water-cooled, aluminum-crankcase design
  • Reduces weight by over 40% compared to current Bendix BA-921 model
  • Measures 25% less in length which makes for easy adaptability to any engine configuration
  • Lighter weight, compact design and further design optimizations help increase overall fuel efficiency by reducing power consumption up to 30% while still pumping out over 16 cfm of air to the air tanks
  • Reduces oil carryover by as much as 60% compared to traditional compressors, reducing the amount of the engine’s lubricating oil that is carried into the air system during normal operation
  • Based on Bendix's single-cylinder design with advancements in flexibility and capabilities


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