Case Study: Scania Engines in Kobelco Cranes

Kobelco’s huge new cranes reach farther and lift loads of 300 tonnes or more. Scania engines provide these massive machines with the power they need.


After years of dominance in the market for small-to-mid-sized cranes with lifting capacity under 250 tonnes, Japan’s leading crane manufacturer, Kobelco, is now staking a claim among the heavyweights. In January of 2018, the company shipped its largest-ever multi-purpose crane, a giant crawler with a maximum lifting capacity of 300 tonnes as standard (350 tonnes in the super heavy lift, SHL, specification). That’s a load moment, or point of overturning, that is 40–60% higher than that of a 250-tonne crane.

“Working with a crane demands a lot of precision and a lot of power, so good driveability and good response are vital, as are smooth and consistent power and torque,” explains explains Haruyuki “Cookie-san” Mayama, Engine Sales Manager for Scania Engines, Japan.