MTS Upgrades Construction-Grade Tractors with Caterpillar Engines

MTS chose to integrate the Cat C18 engine which features a flexible aftertreatment solution allowing a redesign of the tractor cab and improved visibility.

Mts Tractor 1

One of the biggest challenges in the dirt-moving business is finding equipment that can handle tough job sites with less-than-ideal underfoot conditions—terrains that are too soft for heavy machines. Mobile Track Solutions (MTS) rose to the complex challenge developing high-quality, construction-grade earthmoving solutions—including tracked and wheeled tractors, tractor- and truck-towed scrapers and earthmoving support equipment such as construction disks, rollerblades and sheepsfoot rollers.  

A Powerful Upgrade 

Pull-behind scrapers, commonly used to flatten and level soil at worksites, require high-powered towing equipment made specifically for construction purposes.

MTS offers two construction-grade tractors specifically for towing: the 3630T and the 3630W. When the company prepared to upgrade both models with new engines, they had three requirements: a leading engine brand that enhances customer confidence, an engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards, and an engine that remains commensurate with competitors’ fuel systems.

The MTS team uses integrated Cat engines in other equipment models, so they already knew that the Cat brand represents superb quality, reliability and durability. They also recognized that the global Cat dealer network provides added value for customers by supplying accessible, unparalleled parts and service.

That’s when MTS decided the Cat C18 engine was the best choice for their construction tractor application. Impressed by the long history and proven performance, MTS knew the C18 (which meets the latest emissions standards) delivers exceptional power density and meets the required power rating of 630 hp.

In addition, the C18’s flexible aftertreatment solution allowed MTS to redesign the cab and greatly improve visibility. The previous version of the construction tractor had a vertically mounted aftertreatment system that sat in front of the cab. The C18’s modular mounting options allowed it to be relocated out of sightline to greatly improve cab visibility.

Mts Tractor 2MTS

A Partner in Customization 

MTS worked closely with several Cat dealers to fine-tune its design.

“Cat dealers realize the value in having a Cat engine in a heavy-equipment product, and they care about serving their customers,” said John P. Moyna, owner of MTS. “We started with a concept of using a Cat engine in our construction tractors and talked with them about horsepower, torque and power to the ground. Then we went over transmission models and ultimately determined that the C18 engine is a natural fit.”

The Caterpillar OEM Products Group provided input for using the Cat TA22 powershift transmission in the MTS construction tractors and provided over 12 weeks of testing at the Caterpillar Peoria Proving Grounds. Featuring orificing, special shift points and programming tuned for construction applications, the transmission provides 16 fx 4r speeds and a top speed of 21 mph.

MTS construction tractors now feature task-aligned transmissions and engines that enhance customer confidence, meet the latest emission standards and dramatically improve overall equipment performance.

“When you run our MTS construction tractors with the C18 engine, you get the wow effect,” said Moyna.